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    Is there anyone from Hong Kong here?

    • YES! hi! if you look back on page 2 you will find me saying that i’m probably the only person from HK here. why, are you also from HK? :D

      • This is so bizarre. I’ve been trying to reply to this for ages but I think Autostraddle is broken? Anyone else or just me?

        Mapped: I remember a post about you going back to Hong Kong for a bit so I didnt know if you were there or not?

        Sorry, I’m not from Hong Kong but I’m probably going to be there around November/December.

        • oh, yeah, autostraddle’s been acting a bit weird the past few days for me too!

          i go back to hong kong from time to time, and i’ll be there from 14 december till mid-january. are you going there with friends/family on holiday, or?

          • How are you replying to this?! I have to do this thing where I go to another group and then change the url to this. It’s crazy lol

            Anyway, yeah I’ll be going in my uni break. I’ll be there with family for a bit and then my parents want to go to China so I might stay in Hong Kong and meet up with friends and stuff. It’ll be the end of November/early December though so I guess you’ll be there after I’ve just left.