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Phoenix, AZ

About Me

About Me

I’m 90% sure I have enough interesting things with which to fill a tiny box on my screen, but I can’t think of any of them right now, oh God the pressure.

Check All That Apply

Lesbian, Femme


"Liberal Methodist", as close as I can tell.





Looking For

Queer Friends in my Area, Queer Friends on the Internet, Queer Friends to Make Out With

Relationship Status


Are You Out To Your....

Close Friends, It's Complicated

What I Like

Favorite Books

The Once and Future King, Good Omens, The Things They Carried, Going Postal, Nightwatch, Grendel, The Great Gatsby, Jerusalem: A Biography, Preacher, The Hobbit, Many Waters, Gilead, Labyrinths, The Master and Margarita, A Confederacy of Dunces, The Phantom of the Opera, Wuthering Heights, Watchmen, and the first 3/4ths of American Gods.

Favorite Movies

The Adventures of Robin Hood, There Will Be Blood, Hot Fuzz, Some Like It Hot, The Dark Knight, The Philadelphia Story, The Producers, Eastern Promises, Capote, Amadeus, The Lord of the Rings, No Country For Old Men, Pan’s Labyrinth, Casablanca, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Third Man, The Prestige, Labyrinth, The Secret of NIMH, O Brother Where Art Thou, Kull the Conqueror, The Social Network, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and The Big Lebowski.

Favorite TV Shows

The Venture Bros, The X-Files, Arrested Development, Sherlock, 30 Rock, Peep Show, Spaced, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Supernatural, QI, and Ancient Aliens.

Favorite Music

Bob Dylan, The Decemberists, Leonard Cohen, Amanda Palmer, David Bowie, Queen, Neko Case, Tom McRae, The Mountain Goats, The Civil Wars, and musicals. No seriously. All the musicals.

Favorite Thing to Autostraddle

I don't feel well-versed enough in innuendo to answer the question.

Favorite Quotes

“I am at the moment writing a lengthy indictment against our century. When my brain begins to reel from my literary labors, I make an occasional cheese dip.”

― John Kennedy Toole, “A Confederacy of Dunces”

Favorite Thing on Autostraddle.com

NSFW Sunday, queer politics, fashion, and the AS community in general.

Favorite Writers

Terry Pratchett, T.H. White, William Blake, Truman Capote, Peter Ackroyd, Robert Mill, J.R.R. Tolkien, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, Madeline L’Engle, Alan Moore, Garcia Lorca, Arthur Conan Doyle, Vladimir Nabokov, Jorge Luis Borges, and all the other authors whose books I can’t see from where I’m sitting right now.