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About Me

i feel like participating in internet life. Is participating the right word? idk.

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i like smoking, it's deliciously carcinogenic. trying to quit, though

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All Friends, School/Work, It's Complicated

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Favorite Books
Favorite Queer Books

…i don’t have any. (am I a terrible person or perhaps just ignorant of things I should be reading?)

Favorite Music

Ok, right now, I have to admit, I am really obsessed with “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire. It makes me feel so guilty, like I’m a horrendous hipster cliche, but I listen to it on the bus and it makes me feel so much better about EVERYTHING.
So, um, I guess I have pretty predictable taste.
I keep on reoccurring dreams in which Win Butler shows up randomly and provides me with advice. Like “No, don’t sleep with your ex!” or “You should definitely have another beer” or “Here, take this gun, you’ll need it”. And he’s always right! And when I don’t listen to him, I get disapproving stares and I wake up feeling disappointed in myself.
It’s like he’s my grammy-winning guardian angel and he doesn’t even know it. I wish it was Joan Jett instead, but I guess I can’t argue with my subconscious.

Favorite Sandwich

avocado+cheese (melted? yes)+bread(pita maybe). Also hot peppers if i feel like it

Favorite Writers

banana yoshimoto, oliver sacks,