Ab-Fab Is Back To Your Television in January And To Your Internet Viewing Device Now

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Sweetie darlings! Pull up a bean bag chair and crack open a bottle of bubbly because there is much cause for celebration in the New Year! The best British export since Wham! is coming back to a retangular viewing surface near you. Absolutely Fabulous is returning to BBC America on January 8th!

That’s a long time, though, right? It’s several days. In this age of ever diminishing short attention spans that’s like at least a fortnight. Never fear my little Impatients (it’s a flower, look it up). Queerty has found the entire episode ready for your viewing pleasure right this very minute. Which is good because Saffy’s been in prison! I for one can’t wait days to find out if she had a little Bette-and-the-Carpenter action behind bars.

The Videodrome Discothèque Vault Presents: The New Absolutely Fabulous Episode!!! from Videodrome Discothèque on Vimeo.

I don’t know about you, but I can never watch just one episode of Ab-Fab. It’s like the Lay’s potato chips of television or something, which is why I have every season on VHS. That’s right, VHS. I like to have a mini-marathon whenever I’m feeling homesick because Edina Monsoon reminds me of my mom, only my mom is sober, slightly more insane and has a tiny Chihuahua instead of a Patsy. BUT, I don’t have to dig out those VHS tapes and somehow remember how to hook up the VCR to the TV without disconnecting the cable or the GameCube because BBC America has a New Year’s Day Marathon!

So cancel your aromatherapy, psychotherapy, reflexology, osteopath, homoeopath, naturopath, crystal reading, shiatsu AND your organic hairdresser cause Edie and Pats are on!


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  1. So, I had a first date with a really awesome (and very cute) girl yesterday, and we talked about how much we love Ab Fab! I take it as a thumbs up from the universe on this girl that AS posted about it the next day.

    I’m so excited! The only thing better than knowing Ab Fab will be back is the possibility that I might get to cuddle with her on my couch when we watch upcoming episodes.

  2. I remember watching this with my mum when it was on telly, I’ve never laughed as hard as i do when these two are on my screen! Eddie and Patsy are just the best characters EVER and the antics they get up to? FABULOUS! BUBBLES AND MOTHER AND FUCKING HILARIOUS TOO! I always felt (still do) sorry for Saffy for having to deal with Patsy and Eddie all the time.

    If you’ve not yet watched this show I highly recommend you do.

  3. not gonna lie, when i was a wee lass watching this show, i totally had a thing for Saffy even though she is a high strung hermit and any time she talks to Edina the stress raises my blood pressure. Who the fuck knows, I probably just assumed she was a ‘mo. Yay Ab Fab/Saffy

    • You are not alone in this strange line of thinking.

      Back when I first started watching the show, round about 7th grade (ah, the early/mid-nineties), I was completely fixated on Saffy. And then there was this girl in my science class who looked a little like her so I was totally fixated on her as well. Had no clue what it meant, of course, but in retrospect 1) duh, big ol’ queer, and 2) Julia Sawalha is kinda hot.

  4. Julia Sawalha has that hot-nerdy thing going for her. And (like every other lesbian, apparently) I was totally fixated on her when I was little. I am excited to see that she has gotten much more attractive with age, just goes to show that I had high standards even then.

    I can’t even contain my excitement!! I had always hoped they would revisit Ab-Fab again, but was starting to lose hope. I think it is hysterical that Patsy looks EXACTLY the same as she did years ago. I can’t wait to see what they come up with this time!

  5. woah woah woah, best British export? Have the Pythons been so easily forgotten? Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Doctor Who, Helen Mirren, Judie Dench, Helena Bonham Carter, the list stretches on and on… My point is, Ab Fab was ok, fairly good, but we british have so much more stuff to offer, and a lot of it better!

  6. I love British things in general, so clearly I also love Ab Fab. My friend introduced it to me not long ago when we gay marathoned the first season and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with two bottles of peach wine. The good life.

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