A+ Roundtable: Our Most Out-There Voice Memos

You're either someone who takes voice memos, or you aren't, I think. Either you've found a need for recording your thoughts this way, or you've stuck to pen and paper or to typing into a device. You might have guessed that I'm personally pro-voice-memo. I can't always hold a pen for any length of time because of issues I have with my hands, and so moving my mouth and speaking is less of a strain. Also, notes on bits of junkmail envelopes and old receipts get lost, or if you manage to keep them, then you have to hang onto all that way-too-crinkly paper just going crinkle crinkle crinkle! Eww! When you tuck it into your notebook, it makes it expand all weird and then nothing is fresh anymore. The venerable voice memo, on the other hand, exist...

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