A+ Bee Special Edition: A Swarm of A-Camp Bees

Hello inflatable swans!

We just got back from A-Camp and we can't stop talking about how amazing and great and lovely everything was and how darn cute you all are. This issue of the A+ Bee is a special feature x 5 of all the A-Camp Bees that we put out while we were on the mountain! The A+ Bee was born out of the embers of our love for the A-Camp Bee and this camp we really knocked it out of the park (if I do say so myself) when it came to A-Camp Bee content. It seemed only fair to share them all with you guys! For those of you who were at A-Camp, now you get to see all five Bees in LIVING COLOR, free from the constraints of a laser printer with only black toner, and for those of you who didn't join us on the mountain, here is a way to e...

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Chelsey is a previous Editorial Assistant for Autostraddle and currently resides in Los Angeles with her cat Olive and a large collection of cardigans. She enjoys drinking coffee/tea, writing, editing, and validating the humans in her life.

Chelsey has written 52 articles for us.