90210 Will Fill Its Lesbian Void With Rumer Willis & Jessica Lowndes’ Actual Relationship

9021090210: These are the same people that brought you Brandon telling Andrea Zuckerman that she couldn’t really speak about the importance of condoms in schools because she didn’t know what sex felt like, obviously 90210 is going to bring you an actual lesbian relationship between Gia (Rumer Willis) and Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes)

This isn’t a fling. We’re coming at this [relationship] from a genuine place and not going, ‘Let’s do a titillating story that will grab some promotion.’ This is a real aspect of teenager life that’s interesting… And there’s been a real void in the 90210 universe in terms of gay and bisexual characters.

You realize this means we have to watch it now.


ROSIE: Ask Ro – Already with the nonense over there. (@ohnotheydidnt)

MICHAEL F*CKING JACKSON: This is it, and that’s that: Now, instead of rolling our eyes at that weirdness, we gaze up at it and sigh. It took a lot for us to come around, but I’m glad we did. (@fourfour)

UGGZ: Our friends at Wingspan Pictures (also responsible for shooting the footage I’ve been producing for the Behind the Scenes videos) did a hot video called Uggz (oh and guess who made their behind the scenes video which you’re gonna go watch right now? Me, Riese. Yup! I edit stuff!) Anyhow HERE’S THE VIDEO and also check out their website Bah-Jiggity.com:

LINDSAY LOHAN: A day after Michael Lohan claimed that he was worried that his daughter’s alleged pill popping would lead to her untimely death, the self-promoting father said his ex-wife Dina is covering for their drug-addicted daughter and believes too that her days are numbered: he says Lindsay is a drug addict and will die, I think she needs to tweet again STAT. No really we hope she’s ok.

ANDERSON COOPER: Gawker argues that Anderson Cooper is out enough for us and Pam agrees: yet the question still is, does AC have any obligation to be more out than he already is? He isn’t in the business of denying it. He just makes it a private part of his life that he’s not going to broadcast on TV. I’m sure if he were asked point blank on the air by a reporter he wouldn’t lie (one would hope).

LADY GAGA: Lady Gaga: Fame Monster reviewed at Unzipped: “Album finished, Steve and I return home (BTW, in good traffic the album can take you from Hollywood to Santa Monica and back). We thank DJ, then spend the rest of the weekend talking about what we heard. The whole album is bigger—with more confidence in Gaga’s singing and definitely more production backing from the studio. “ Also Lady Gaga will be on MTV on It’s On with Alexa Chung on November 3rd.

Laneia was gonna do the daily fix today and this is as far as she got before I had ten things to add:

Big Gay Halloween Show:

What are you gonna be for Halloween?

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    • I watched the first episode cuz I was really excitant about it, and I was like what? See the first 90210 was hardly a work of art, but it was groundbreaking by being the first show for teens that actually dealt with real issues, and controversial issues, besides an after-school special or something. Once you strip away the social impact, the work itself barely stands up. So I’m glad at least that 90210 has decided to take on something controversial, as that’s how it made a name for itself to begin with.

      • I heard that 90210 was Arron Spellings attempt at creating something similar to Degrassi and obviously it turned to be much more glamorous than a Canadian high school.

        When the new 90210 premiered, I decided I’d give it a fair chance and watched the first couple of episodes. I gave up soon after but my roommate was still downloading it week to week, and because of him I happened to catch the season finale of season one which completely hooked me for season two. Mostly the storyline involving Annie (Shenae Grimes of Degrassi TNG fame) and her getting shat on by all the kids at West Bev because everyone thinks she’s a narc (dad’s the principal). So now, I’m kinda into it – besides hating mostly everything about it. (The guys on the show are such tools with the possible exception of Navid (sp?) and Dixon is super cute. But I’ll stop talking about boys…)

        • But will the lesbian relationship be controversial? Or are gay relationships pretty much de rigueur on teen dramas now a days? all in all, I just hope they handle it well. Especially with Adrianna being predominantly straight in the past…

          • I think so — b/c we never see an actual relationship anymore for young people outside of The L Word … defo not on prime time basic TV to this extent … Usually the fling lasts 2.5 episodes tops and then the lead goes back to men full-time — Once and Again, Greek, The O.C., House and many others which we actually talked about a lot in the Top Ten Feats of Lesbian Storyline Endurance.

            The best relationship representation we ever really had was South of Nowhere (which got cancelled) and Degrassi The New Generation (Canadian).

  1. I don’t even know when/what channel this 90210 show is on but I guess I have to find out. I vaguely remember watching the first one. But I like Rumer Willis and I’m all about any actual/realistic representation of queer youth on tv. Although I’m not so sure 90210=realistic.

  2. You’re awesome Riese, but I could not bring myself to sit through that entire video. The ubiquity of Uggs is the bane of my high school existence.

    • Seriously? Well I watched it twice, so you can count one of those times on your behalf. I’m grateful for this video because now I never have to try acid.

  3. First Rumer Willis was a pregnant teen on The Secret Life of the American Teenager (which didn’t spill many secrets…) and now she’s a lesbian on 90120…gotta love TV :)

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  5. I don’t get why some people hate Rummer Willis and others love her (by talent). Why are people going around saying “Rummer Willis can’t act”?
    I don’t get it o.0

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