20 Lesbian Slang Terms You’ve Never Heard Before

totally hitting that janey tonight

The following terms were listed and defined in the 1989 Alyson Almanac‘s “Dictionary of Slang and Historical Terms.” Most of the terms in the dictionary referenced gay male activities, but there were plenty of special lesbian words I’d never heard before in my whole life and so many words for VAGINA.



terms and definitions remain intact

1. BAMBI-SEXUALITY: Physical interaction centered more about touching, kissing, and caressing than around genital sexuality. Not to be confused with bestiality, a very different concept.

2. MAKE SCISSORS OF SOMEONE: To masturbate a woman by simultaneously rubbing her clitoris with the thumb and her anus with the forefinger.

3. KIKI: 1940s slang for a lesbian comfortable with either a passive or aggressive partner.

4. DESPERATION NUMBER: A sex partner found just before closing time at the bar.

5. BUMPER-TO-BUMPER: Vagina-to-vagina. Generally used in reference to two lesbians engaging in sex, or dancing, etc. Occasionally used in referring to gay men or heterosexual couples.

6. FUNCH: A quick sexual encounter performed at lunchtime.

7. JOHNSON BAR: A dildo.

8. JANEY: Vagina.

9. KISSING FISH: Lesbians.

10. DADDLE: To engage in lesbian sex, in a face-to-face position.

11. GILLETTE BLADE: A bisexual woman.

12. LUKE: The coital fluid in a woman.

13. MISSIONARY WORK: An attempt by a gay man or lesbian to seduce a straight person of the same sex.

14. HOLD A BOWLING BALL: To sexually stimulate another woman by rubbing the thumb and forefinger, simultaneously, on her clitoris and anus.

15. CANTONESE GROIN: A dildo. The term appears in a medieval novel, describing a plant used in China for this purpose.

16. DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE: To masturbate at home after unsuccessfully going out in search of a sex partner.

17. MOLLY DYKE: The more passive woman in a lesbian relationship or liaison.

18. SLACKS: A lesbian. The term is now considered obsolete.

19. TIT KING: A lesbian attracted to women with large breasts.

20. MUFFER: A woman who muffs / muff-dives.

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