20 Excerpts from Kayla’s Elementary School Journals, 1998-2003

Welcome to Excerpts From My Super-Secret Diary, an A+ feature for Silver & Gold members in which we publish for you some of our incomplete and/or highly personal thoughts we’ve written down, usually with actual pens. Today, Kayla presents some very on-brand excerpts from her elementary school journals.

I’ve heard it said that our personalities are fully formed by around age 7. First grade. We are the people we are always going to be by the time of first grade. Now, I firmly believe that we don’t have just one fixed self. We are many versions of ourselves as we age, our lives and tendencies shaped by all that we encounter. But I do buy into the idea that our core personalities are on full display in early childhood.

I have been writing for what feels like my entire life. I have detailed records of who I am, who I was, thanks to drawings, journals, blogs. It’s strange, but when I look back on things I wrote in high school and even the early days of college, I cringe. Thos...

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Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya is a writer and critic currently living in Miami. Her fiction is upcoming in McSweeney's Quarterly Concern. Her pop culture writing can also be found at The A.V. Club and The Hollywood Reporter, and she wrote the webseries Sidetrack. You can catch her on Twitter and Instagram.

Kayla has written 240 articles for us.