VIDEO! Getting in Bed with Kristin #4: Mental Health with Special Guest Riese Bernard!


Sorry for the delay on this, you A+ dreamboats!

Riese is visiting me in Los Angeles and I spent so much time staring into her beautiful angelic face in wonder today that I totally forgot to do my job and get you this video! In this episode of Getting in Bed with Kristin, aforementioned angel Riese Bernard joins me in talking about mental health and self-care! Plus my wife and yours (just kidding she is just my wife) Jenny Owen Youngs plays the theme to Getting in Bed with Kristin live. It is QUITE A TIME.

I will be back with another live episode NEXT week, Thursday, February 16th! Woohoo!

Getting in Bed with Kristin + Riese: MENTAL HEALTH | February 3, 2017 from autostraddle on Vimeo....

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