The Adventures of Tiny Pineapple Episode 102: Big Day Out

Oh hello. Join me, won’t you? Right here, have a seat.

Episode 102 of The Adventures of Tiny Pineapple came out yesterday and I just didn’t want you to let the week slip away without taking the time to catch up on our small tropical friendling. Would you like to grab a snack? It’s one minute and one second long, so probably you’ll have time for about seven Reese’s Pieces.

In this week’s episode, Tiny Pineapple shows you what it feels like to be me at 8am on most mornings, followed immediately by what it feels like to be me sometime around 11am, when my inbox count has doubled and there’s nothing to eat but hummus.

I read a spoiler Monday about an upcoming TAOTP storyline and it totally ruined my week, so I’m not going to share it with you in full. I will tell you that this storyline introduces an enjoyable new song with a melodica situation, and you’ll probably want an mp3 of it, or perhaps to make it your ringtone. I think you’re the kind of person who brings a ringtone to an mp3 fight, to be honest. Just throwing that out there.

If this episode of The Adventures of Tiny Pineapple was a dramatic physical interpretation of your feelings/life, what would those feelings/life experiences be? Tell us about them. Do you know how to play a melodica? How many friends have you lost to Reese’s Pieces custody battles?

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    So fun to say. I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ this! Finally, something to look forward to!! I love you TinyPineApple. I want to be you for next halloween. I think I’ll go make a shirt now that says I ♥ Tiny Pineapple.

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