The A+ Podcast That Is A Video, Episode 1: If You Kiss It, Then You Have To Eat It

The A+ Podcast is back! Except it's completely different, and also, it's a video so you can see our facial expressions, our gestures, our delight — our horror. You told us you wanted more audio content, and we're doing our best to bring you just that. The format of this podcast is simple: we start with some quick life updates, move into media recommendations, and we finish with a discussion around a selected topic. Whether or not we stay the course, however, is up to forces outside of our control. Enjoyeeeeeee!


We discussed Barbie at length. You can find our Barbie content here!
Our media recs include: Nimona, Deadloch, Pretty Little Liars, Age of Pleasure, Shrek, and After Party.
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