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Rekers Rentboy Scandal: Are All Anti-Gays Totally Gay? We Investigate.

The hired rentboy is now speaking out against Rev George Rekers, admitting the rubdowns et al — how many times does this need to happen before we can assume the more you hate gay people, the more you probs are one? We count down 15 other cases of anti-gays caught being gay! Also, gay marrieds fight for their federal rights, Argentina considers gay marriage, something about same-sex parents happens in New york

Society + Culture

Why is Ted Haggard on my TV, Being All “Cured” of Homo? OH! His Wife’s New Memoir!

Evangelical preacher and “converted” sinner/homoesexual Ted Haggard’s wife has a new memoir, “Why She Stayed,” so the duo is back on TV, spreading their psuedo-love. And people seem to like it. Also; the ex-lesbian Mom is still on the run, has Twitter peaked?, a funny look at the iPad, nightclub Miami showdown, gay superbowl ads, and women who drink a lot!

Politics + Activism

Evangelicals, Rapists, Tramps & Thieves: Why Anti-Gay Leaders Love to Sin, Are the Sinners

Evangelical Christians, televangelists and other conservative religious leaders have been convicted of rape, sexual misconduct, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, rape as an accomplice, polygamy, infidelity, solicitation of male and female prostitutes, incest, sexual conduct with minors, taking indecent liberties with young boys and … stealing a sex toy from a woman’s home. Yet the ball’s still in their court. Why is that?