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He pressed further, asking if I was an actress. I said something along the lines of “I hope so.” He suggested that I meet his brother as well – his producing partner. I remember him suggesting some place quieter, more private.

First Person

How Rape Jokes Sound Inside Queer Bodies

If the performer had known that I write about the horrific violence against my community by day and process the trauma of that work in my journal by night, maybe he wouldn’t have made that joke. But I bet you he would have resented the implication that he shouldn’t.

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Dollar General SCOTUS Case Puts Native American Sovereignty (and Justice) on the Line

The Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could greatly impact Native Americans and their political sovereignty, two Muslim women were bombarded with racist comments at an Austin restaurant and management did nothing, traffic lights with same-sex couples were removed from the Austrian city of Linz, same-sex parents in Arkansas can both be on their child’s birth certificate now and more news stories!

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PHOTOS: Amber Rose’s Feminism is For Women Who Have “Been Through Sh*t” and I’m Here For It

Amber Rose’s Slutwalk truly embraced and celebrated the duality of women’s lives in the modern world, and it was a radically inclusive event — one with an explicit policy against all forms of oppressive language and behavior as well as an explicit intent to include, lift up, and acknowledge the unique and compounded struggles of trans women, women of color, queer women, poor women, and differently abled women.