Politics + Activism

Rekers Rentboy Scandal: Are All Anti-Gays Totally Gay? We Investigate.

The hired rentboy is now speaking out against Rev George Rekers, admitting the rubdowns et al — how many times does this need to happen before we can assume the more you hate gay people, the more you probs are one? We count down 15 other cases of anti-gays caught being gay! Also, gay marrieds fight for their federal rights, Argentina considers gay marriage, something about same-sex parents happens in New york

Society + Culture

Hangover Thursday: Gay Olympians, Facebook Spies, Lying Models & Rentboys!

American Apparel doesn’t want you to know they use models, interview with feminist author or wearing heels, Olympian speed skater Blake Skjellerup comes out, Facebook’s privacy settings are screwing you, gay softball team in San Francisco is suing, and more. Problems with pink culture, Muslims in Latin America, turning a self-loathing gay boy self-loving, and more effing research about hooking up [only this time, they’re not slut-shaming anybody].