Superqueero Roundup Recap: The Danvers Sisters

Hello! Welcome to the second installment of the Superqueero Roundup Recap, the place where I recap all the queer and feminist goodness on all of DC’s superhero shows the day after they air. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter so you’ll know when this roundup recap is updated!

I have a sneaking suspicion this week will be low on the Queer-o-Meter but Maggie Sawyer is coming to us on Supergirl next week officially doubling our lady-loving lady count, maybe more if our dreams for Bisexual Alex Danvers come true.

These recaps (and wee-caps) are in reverse chronological order, with the newest ones appearing up top!

Legends of Tomorrow 202: Captain Sara Lance

I feel like there are more elegant ways to begin a weecap, but instead I will simply share the first thing I wrote in my recap notes:


It’s a good sign of things to come.

We start where we left off, with the Legends of Tomorrow facing off with the Justice Society of America. Jax immediately tries to hit on Stargirl, but Stargirl immediately shuts him down.


Clever girl.

I like her already.

The JSA doesn’t trust this band of weirdos yammering on about time travel and want to take them into custody, so a battle ensues. I love their group fight scenes and this was a double group fight scene and I liked it quite a lot.

Eventually the Legends get put in a cage and we find out that the Steve Rogers Cosplayer, better known as Commander Steel, is New Guy Nate’s grandfather.

Rex Tyler appears and asks what’s happening, and Sara starts to answer, and then Rex Tyler risks his whole damn life by INTERRUPTING SARA LANCE and then CALLING HER MA’AM and then saying he was talking to the team leader and TURNING TO STEIN. It’s a miracle all of his bones stayed unbroken in that moment.

But she continues to stay calm, cool and collected, even as the team runs through their sorted pasts, and remind everyone that our Canary is an Assassin.


And listen I don’t want to start any rumors but Vixen looked VERY impressed.

Rex eventually lets them go and Ray points out that the JSA has very admirable team dynamics, and maybe they need a leader. The boys all puff out their chests and Stein is like, “Well Rex WAS just NATURALLY drawn to the leadership I OOZE from my pores,” and Sara rolls her eyes and lets him be in charge the way you let a toddler try to tie their own shoes even though you know they’ll just end up with a knotted mess and eventually ask you to do it for them anyway.

Sara wants to send Nate home but then he realizes that his dog tags are gone, meaning something in the past changed. And sure enough, his notes have changed (but not his memories, because time travel is confusing) and the JSA is going to die in 1942 if they don’t go back, despite a very explicit warning to never go back to 1942.

The Professor’s plan is to pretend to be Hitler’s favorite singer, I don’t really know (or care) why, because it gives us Sara dressed to the nines.


Tré jolie!

Vixen is there, undercover, and none too pleased to see the Legends again.

Stein sings Edelweiss while Nate figures out what the bad guy is up to, but before they leave, Ray gets busted not doing the Nazi salute, and a fight breaks out. They all make it back to the timeship, where they’re all confused but generally unimpressed by the technology on board.

But Sara says they’re going to help the JSA whether they like it or not. Stein tries to be In Charge and make a plan but Sara has a better plan and comes up with it faster and says it more forcefully. Even the sexist from the ’40s concedes that she’s right.

Sara pulls Nate away from the group and says that on top of being in charge without letting anyone know she’s in charge and trying not to flirt with Vixen, she’s noticed that Nate is a hemophiliac. She says they’ve only almost died all the time without him and probably they’re no better for him being there and she doesn’t feel like being worried about him dying at every turn so probably she should just go home.


And make room for a new lady on board instead.

The team goes off to find the amulet the Nazis have and some shit goes down and they GET the amulet, but Vixen and Ray are kidnapped by a SuperNazi. Stein is in full panic mode now. He’s too busy weighing all his options and trying to figure out how to make everyone happy; he doesn’t have the tactical training for this, and he knows it. The JSA is ready to sacrifice Vixen and Ray and ditch, but Sara hands him a firm NOPE on that plan.


I’m glad they’re letting her freckles show more this season.

He shrugs her off, saying she doesn’t have the authority to make decisions, but Stein comes in and practically begs her to take the helm. He says that Sara is the beating heart and steady hand of this team, and it’s TRUE. So Sara Lance is put in charge.



Meanwhile, Ray is doing science for the SuperNazi, stammering and stalling, while Vixen spouts off fiery quips at him to try to get him to stop, even though the Nazis are threatening her if he doesn’t do it.


Can we keep her? Pleeaaase?

But Ray reveals his plan and smacks people around with a microscope and they get out. Vixen doesn’t have her amulet, but she’s a blackbelt and much more useful than Ray without his supersuit, so they dash. Ray is going to inject himself with the serum he made to fix that very fact, but the team swoops in and saves the day. Sara gives Vixen back her amulet and I say again Vixen gives Sara a very interesting look and maybe she’s just excited that Sara is a Canary and she has animal powers but I don’t hate it. Until this promised gay character is revealed, the potential crackles everywhere! Anyway, Ray uses the serum to save Nate’s life and everything is just fine.

Well, until the Reverse Flash kills Rex Tyler.

That’s it for this week’s Superqueero roundup! Until next week when we flail around about MAGGIE FREAKING SAWYER.

Arrow 503: Popular Opinion

The theme of this episode was much like the last: Oliver resisting trusting his team and him ultimately listening to Felicity and trusting them – and I mean literally quoting Felicity at a press conference. The new squad is still learning how to work with The Green Grumpface and each other, but they have masks now and have been let into the Arrow Cave, so they’re on their way to becoming a real part of Team Arrow.

Let’s do a quick check-in on the ladies, shall we?

Let’s start with Lyla since her part was the smallest. Diggle is in jail (I think he’s being scapegoated for something?) and he’s hallucinating big time, so Lyla goes to Oliver for help at the end of the episode. (PS. Barry’s stupid timeline change didn’t affect the folks of Arrow much at all but it did DELETE BABY SARA FROM EXISTENCE and instead Diggle and Lyla have a son named John Jr. And I get how but I don’t get WHY. Ugh. CHANGE IT BACK, BARRY.)

Anyway. On to Felicity.


Code Name: The Best One

Her biggest thing this episode was that the newest member of the team, Ragman (not his real name, don’t care about him enough yet to learn his real name), is from Havenrock, the city Felicity redirected Darhk’s missile, killing tens of thousands of people. But, as Curtis points out, saving millions.

Eventually she realizes she can’t keep this guilt bottled up, so she tells Ragman that she was the one who chose Havenrock as the destination, but she doesn’t quite go into enough detail as to why, so I’m not sure he’ll understand right away. I AM glad that they’re addressing this though, because Felicity is a kind soul and you know this fucked her up right good. Anyway, for now, Ragman walks away without saying anything to her, leaving her a little more broken than before.


I hate Sad!Felicity but I love Felicity storylines that don’t revolve around Oliver.

Baby Bird, despite her extremely badass parkour skills, is still trying to find her place on the team. She wants to follow the rules like a good little vigilante, but gets influenced by the Wild Dog.


Baby Bird needs to learn to fly on her own.

But she works well with the rest of the crew and has a cute little sister rapport with Curtis, who is wearing a Fair Play jacket as an intro into his code name, Mr. Terrific. (Which is cheesy af but suits him because gosh darnit Curtis is terrific!) Baby Bird, while still officially codename-less, has upgraded to an adorable little mask.


It’s like a Baby Bird dressed up like the Hamburglar!

She also asks Felicity the rules about dating while also being a vigilante (which…it’s adorable that she thinks there are rules) and Felicity’s short answer is DON’T DO IT.

And last but definitely not least is Thea, who is still fighting for justice even without her Speedy outfit, and who wins what Kristin Russo would call the Sexual Tension Award for her interactions with guest star Carly Pope. Carly Pope, you may remember, played Sam on the show Popular, where you probably shipped her with her arch-nemesis and step-sister Brooke, but what you MIGHT not know, but definitely should, is that she played queer in a cheesy campy badass movie called Concrete Blondes. It’s like DEBS: All Growed Up.

Anyway, Carly Pope is in our DC Universe to shake things up as news anchor/journalist Susan Williams.

She comes onto the scene tearing Oliver Queen’s administration apart by saying it was a bad idea to hire drunk fool Quentin Lance. Thea goes to talk to her and try to get her to correct her story, and Susan seems very accommodating. And either Thea has lost her edge or she’s distracted by Susan’s beauty because she’s just like, “Sweet thanks bye,” even though she’s a journalist and therefore obviously out for the best story.


I mean look at all those mirrors! She’s THREE-faced!

So of course, as everyone but Thea could have predicted, Susan twists Thea’s words and makes Oliver look extra incompetent. But Oliver holds a press conference and doubles down on Thea’s decision to hire Quentin Lance and won’t let Thea resign and it’s fine. If he’s learned anything from Felicity it’s that he needs to trust his team, so trust he does.

Thea, not one to be toyed with, storms right up to Susan Williams, and gets SO CLOSE TO HER FACE and tells her that if she EVER messes with this Queen again, it’s off with her head.


These two put the power in power suits.

In real life confrontation makes me VERY UNCOMFORTABLE but on TV it makes me shout NOOOOOW KISS. It’s a very confusing time for us all. Anyway, I doubt Susan Williams will back down, and she’s around for a few more episodes at least, so that dynamic should be interesting.

That’s it for Arrow, see you tomorrow for some Sara Lance hijinx!

The Flash 303: Lady Speedster

Buckle up, kids, because this week we had Iris in dresses, Caitlin getting sassy, a lady speedster, and a girl with misandrist superpowers. But don’t worry, I’ll make it…quick. (hehe)

We begin with Iris, ready for her date with Barry, looking lovely as ever.


Albeit hella bored.

That’s really all there is to report about this first scene. Even Iris admits it was boring. Luckily, Cisco calls them into Star Labs because a breech is open that they decidedly did not open. But don’t worry, it’s not another Zoom coming to torture us for another season, it’s just Harrison Wells and his daughter Jesse. Though his daughter is a little different from the last time we saw her, proven by her flying out of the breech like a bat out of hell and zipping around the lab in a flash of yellow light.

Caitlin Snow offers to test her in the SpeedLab, which sounds a lot like superflirting to me. Barry didn’t know they had a SpeedLab, and neither did Wells or Jesse, so Wells figures out that Barry mucked up the timeline again.


Cute in every timeline.

Meanwhile, the metahuman of the week is a young girl named Frankie with misandrist powers. Her foster father starts being a real ass, and her eyes turn purple and she throws a light post at him with her mind. It’s pretty badass. The problem is, she doesn’t remember doing it.


She purpled out, as it were.

Back at Star Labs, Wells is stressed about Jesse’s new powers. He knows she’ll want to be out and proud about having powers, but he thinks it’ll be safer if she keeps them to herself. He knows that Caitlin and Jesse have a special relationship and asks Caitlin to talk to his daughter. Caitlin’s eyes grow wide and she’s like I DON’T HAVE POWERS I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT I’M PERFECTLY ORDINARY I CAN’T HELP YOU SORRY.


I gotta gay—GO! I gotta go!



At the police department, Draco Malfoy figures out that the light post couldn’t have been bent by hand and starts SCREAMING in the face of traumatized little Frankie, thus activating her misandrist powers again. Her alter ego Magenta takes over and admits that Alchemy is to blame/thank for these powers.


“You foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach!”

It turns out the girl has always had dissociative identity disorder, and Dr. Alchemy preyed on that to create Magenta. Plus her foster father has a history of being an abusive monster so probably she was just trying to knock some sense into him with the light post thing.

Jesse is ready to head out to find Magenta before she can hurt herself or someone else, and Wells begs Caitlin to have The Talk with her. Caitlin reluctantly agrees and tries to talk to Jesse, but Jesse doesn’t want to hear it. At first she thinks people want her to take it easy because she’s a girl, but Caitlin is just like, “Well if I had powers, which I definitely do not, I would take it slow and not rush into things.”


Unless you wanna…no, nevermind, take it slow.

But Jesse will not be closeted by anyone, especially not her father. Just because he can’t accept that she’s different now doesn’t mean she has to hide who she is. Wells turns on Caitlin for this not going well but Caitlin finally snaps; she won’t take the blame for this.



She says that maybe if Wells celebrated Jesse’s new identity instead of fearing it then it would bring them closer together.

With this in mind, when the Magenta drama comes to a head, he sends Jesse off to help Barry save the day.


The speedster we deserve.

And save the day they do.

Afterwards, Jesse and Wells have a heart-to-heart, where Wells names her Jesse Quick and gives her a supersuit. He explains that he was just scared; the world’s not always welcoming or safe for people like her, but she’s always been his hero, so he’s ready to let her be that for other people, too. (There’s a reason superhero stories have always resonated so strongly with gay people!)


She’s already my hero for wearing the vest Kat Barrell wore for that one EW photo shoot.

He even gives her a supersuit of her very own. And joined PFLAG. Wait, sorry. I ran too far with the metaphor. I’m back.

Anyway, Iris and Barry go on another date and she somehow looks even lovelier and it goes even better even though he has to dash away again because the work of a speedster is never done.


See you tomorrow for an update on Felicity, Thea and the gang!

Supergirl 202: The Danvers Sisters

We start the episode with the Krypton Kids tag-teaming some superhero stuff. It’s still pretty adorable, fine, whatever. When they get back to the DEO, J’onn gives them a hard time because they’re off having #toomuchfun and not following protocol, but Kara yells at him because she knows he’s just upset because him and Superman are in a fight.


Stop being mean, you’re embarrassing me, GOSH!

To try to cheer Kara up, Alex reminds her that they have Sister Night tonight. But Kara invites Clark.


I call this piece The Polite Misandrist

Alex puts on a brave face and says, “The more the merrier.”

At CatCo, Kara is nervous but excited about her first day as a reporter; that is, until Cat introduces her to her new boss, Snapper Carr. He stares at her, unimpressed, while she tries to make a good impression, and then he walks away from her mid-sentence. Which poor sweet Kara doesn’t know what to do with.

Later that night, Clark shows up at Sister Night and then ASKS ALEX TO GIVE HIM A MINUTE ALONE WITH KARA. On SISTER night! The nerve! But whatever it’s fine because he’s there to say he has to go back to Metropolis. But before he does, they have one last mission to go on: Someone is about to jump off a bridge and needs the SuperDuo’s help. Except it’s not really a person at all, but Metallo, who can shoot Kryptonite beams out of his chest like some kind of defective Care Bear.

The fight leaves Supergirl wobbly and Superman a little shaken, but they get back to the DEO in one piece. Clark blames J’onn and his Kryptonite hoarding, and he admits a shipment went missing, but he and Alex failed to mention it. Before they can fight about it, Cadmus releases a Mr. Robot-style message essentially declaring war against “the aliens.”

At this point, these people have taken Alex’s father and are threatening her sister, so she’s feeling very No More Miss Nice DEO Agent.


The video directly threatened Kara and she’s comforting her sister about her missing dad. *hearteyes*

When Kara shows back up to work at CatCo, Snapper tells her she’s in the wrong place. He doesn’t have to hire her just because Cat said so. Kara says, “This is the job I chose,” but he gives her the brush-off and tells her she has to earn a place on his team. Literally. He won’t even give her a chair.

Kara stomps to Cat for help, but Cat tells her that it’s time to stand up for herself. She calls her “Kara” over and over again and calls her smart, talented, astonishing. Astonishing! Oh to be called astonishing! By Cat Grant no less! Who doesn’t give compliments easily. She tells Kara to own her power.

This is especially important advice for Kara to take right now, because Cat is taking a leave of absence. She’s taking her own advice and taking a dive into something new.

Kara sits down, overwhelmed, and I relate to Kara often but never so much as when she sighed and said, “Everything is changing so fast.”



Kara tells Cat that she’ll miss her — and we all will, so much — and Cat gets choked up. They hug and it’s beautiful and gah I’m really going to miss their dynamic.


Hard-Hitting Boss Has Feelings is one of my favorite tropes.

Cat tells her to get her head in the game and show Snapper what she’s made of. No protégé of hers will be beaten down by a MAN.

When Kara confides this onslaught of emotions to Alex, she offers her ice cream, like a good big sister. But in return, Kara says that maybe she wants to move to Metropolis. She positions it like it would be doing everyone, including Alex, a favor. And finally Alex can’t be silent anymore. They take care of each other, that’s their whole deal. In fact, it’s Alex’s only deal! She’s sacrificed so much to be there for Kara, as a sister and as a DEO agent, and it’s all been worth it, unless Kara is going to up and ABANDON HER. She hasn’t even gone on a date in two years! In another timeline, she becomes a doctor and goes by Lexie instead of Alex and is trained by the greatest bisexual TV character in all of space and time!

Kara doesn’t get what Alex is saying though, so she continues to emotionally punch Alex in her heart’s face by saying Clark “understands” her and makes her feel less alone. Alone! If there’s one thing Kara Danvers has never been it’s alone! Alex points out that Clark abandoned her to live with the Danverses.

Before they can break my heart any more, Metallo strikes again — but this time he’s a decoy, because there’s a SECOND Metallo, and he’s destroying Krypton Park in Metropolis. The Supers are too late to stop the damage, and are pretty sad about it.

Meanwhile, at the DEO, Alex is super angry at her sister, but channels that energy into finding the person who stole the Kryptonite. And it’s Jackson from The 100.


The Mischievous Grin! I cannot!

She asks him to transport some Kryptonite, and follows him, knowing he’ll take her to his leader. And sure enough, it’s a trap.

The Queen of Cadmus tries to recruit Alex, tries to prey on the very things Alex mentioned earlier, that her whole life has been affected by these Kryptonians. But Alex’s love for Kara is stronger than that, and also Kara had been looking for her to apologize anyway, so the sisters work together and get away from the baddies.

Kara apologizes for being a brat and says that she knows how important Alex is, that she’s the one who made Earth feel like home, not Clark. They both agree that they’re better together and THANK KRYPTON THAT’S OVER because I hate when they fight.



Winn makes anti-Kryptonite shields for Kara and Clark, giving them a fighting chance against the Metallos. They use the fact that Cadmus doesn’t think anyone supports Supergirl and Superman anymore, and split up, having Alex and J’onn as backup respectively.

Also Alex has some kind of supersuit that is amazing albeit a little bulky.


We’re looking for a mind at work. WORK!

Together, the Danvers sisters kick Metallo’s ass and save the day. (Superman and J’onn do fine too.)

Supergirl flies to Cat’s balcony — THEIR balcony — to say goodbye. Cat says kind things about Supergirl and her amazingness, and tries one last time to get her real identity from her, and they say goodbye for now. (Side note, I love the way that Kara is just naturally more at ease with Cat when she’s Supergirl. I don’t love the amount of disbelief I have to suspend to buy that Cat hasn’t figured out who she is yet.)


I mean she doesn’t even have a voice modulator.

Kara musters all her courage, fueled by the people she loves who believe in her, and marches up to Snapper’s desk and tells him that he’ll give her a chance OR ELSE.


Look at her! Dead center in the frame, arm guns out, hair half down to channel some Supergirl. Soo good!

He still plays gruff, but says if she comes back tomorrow, he’ll try to teach her something, which is just fine for Kara.

Clark says goodbye for real, taking the rest of the Kryptonite and a promise to find Alex’s father with him. Kara goes to talk to the stranger from the mystery pod and says that she’ll be there for him when he wakes up. And in return she gets a giant alien hand around her throat.

What did you think of this week’s Supergirl? Next week, Maggie Sawyer! And President Wonder Woman! Lena Luthor! All the ladies!

Check back Wednesday for an update on the ladies of The Flash, which will now be ABOVE this post! So depending on when you’re reading this you could have already read my recap of The Flash…oof, even the real world is too timey-wimey wibbly wobbly sometimes.

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  1. My favorite stories are: superhero stories, sister stories, queer lady stories. Supergirl’s going to hit the trifecta next week! Thank you for this recap, Valerie. This recap plus last night’s episode plus last night’s Jane the Virgin means I’ve had two and a half entire hours full of hope and joy and zero interaction with this godforsaken election.

    • I ALSO LOVE ALL THOSE STORIES. And also blood-doesn’t-make-a-family stories. I feel like 2016 has sent us all into pillow forts of emotion and Supergirl flew in to give us a cup of hot cocoa to help waiting out the rest of the year a little more delicious.

    • Most weeks, Flash and Arrow won’t have enough to report to be a full post. In fact, I have a feeling that it’s rare that all four shows will full-recap worthy. So it’s easier to round them all up in one place! Plus it’ll make it easier for anyone doing research for crossovers. Obviously if it doesn’t work going forward, or if suddenly all four shows have a billion queer ladies, we could revisit it. But for now I think the megacap is fun!

  2. I am going to miss the Cat/Kara interactions so much! I might have cried a little during the goodbye scenes. I’m glad that Cat isn’t gone for good, but it’s a shame she won’t be in every episode. I also have to admit that I love Winn’s crush on Superman. I’m going to miss Superman just for that.

    I don’t know how I will watch next week without passing out from excitement. Allll the ladies, plus Wonder Woman herself. For once I cannot wait until Monday!

    BTW, I still heard “Nutella” when the Cadmus scientist said it. When Kara or Alex said it, though, I clearly heard “Metallo.” Pronunciation is key!

    • I agree, Winn is 200x more tolerable when he’s being a Superman fanboy than when he’s pouting about being in Kara’s friend zone.

      And I agree, Kara and Alex were way better at saying Metallo. Damn it, now I want Nutella…

      • I hope that Winn stops whinging about that this season. It got old. Also, I didn’t notice Jimmy’s absence until the end. I’m sort of surprised that Cat left him in charge and am also hoping this won’t create drama at the workplace.

        I don’t even LIKE Nutella. But after hearing it once, I kind of can’t unhear it…

        • I’m not surprised he’s in charge. James covered for Cat last season when she was away accepting that reward and Kara was being super fantastic babysitter. I’m just glad it isn’t Kara’s new boss, cuz when I saw him and Cat watching the news in her office I was a little concerned. I’m also relieved it’s not Adam, cuz that was a rumor over the summer.

          • I forgot about that, so it isn’t that much of a surprise, I guess. Definitely glad it isn’t Adam, either!

  3. Supergirl was one punch in the feels after another, I’m actually kinda glad they aren’t introducing Maggie until next week. I’m not sure why it didn’t register that we only got Cat in episode 1 and 2 and then we don’t get her for a while, but I need her back ASAP.

  4. “low on the Queer-o-Meter,” Valerie? Have you not seen the gazillion Supercat gifsets on tumblr :)? Yeah, I know they’re not canon, but those two farewell scenes were super-emotional, even romantic (esp. the balcony one). I do agree, however, that the meter will go even sky-higher next week – can’t wait.

    • So many people ship them just as hard as the Swan Queen fandom. Cat played with her hair and stroked her cheek, which is a super romantic moment on a lot of shows.

  5. Well that was a giant gut punch. I will miss Cat so much. So Much. SO MUCH.

    Also, I have gotten my self so incredibly attached to the idea of canon queer Alex I don’t know if I will be able to keep watching if it doesn’t come true. (And then of course, I am terrified for Alex’s safety if she is canon queer. potentially lose lose situation here).

    Is it Monday night yet? I don’t have the patience to wait and see what happens.

    • I can’t see Alex being killed off, queer or not; so many of the creators/actors have said that the Kara-Alex relationship is the heart of the show. Notice how they can’t even have Kara and Alex be fighting for more than one episode! Maybe I’m foolishly optimistic, but if Alex/Maggie happens, I think that storyline will last for at least a while, and if it ends, it won’t be through death, especially not Alex’s. (PLEASE let me be right about this.)

      • The the CW knows what’s good for them they won’t be killing any more queer women for a good long time.

  6. I totally don’t buy that Cat doesn’t know about Kara being Supergirl. She is not a moron- and now that J’onn revealed himself at the end of last season, she MUST have figured it out.

    • Oh she knows. Not a shadow of a doubt. I did enjoy her teasing Kara by pretending to dig for her name, though.

  7. Cat Grant was such a huge part of Supergirl for me. I am not saying I fell completely in love with her or anything. Definitely not. Not completely at all. She will be missed.

    • She totally will. But also I’m enjoying Kara and Cat’s relationship a lot more now she isn’t her boss, like specifically when Kara just sat down and spoke about her feelings.
      So I’m sad Cat is going, but I love that in doing so they’ve moved their relationship to a point where Kara Danvers (not Supergirl) can just take space in Cat’s office and have a conversation.

    • Cat’s my favorite character on the show. But I also definitely am not in love with her. I don’t blush at anything she says or does.

      I had to remind myself about the introduction of Maggie in order to not be too sad about this season without her.

      • There’ll definitely be a Cat-shaped hole in the story when she’s not there. I’m also missing Vasquez. What with the shiny new DEO office, it would be nice to have a couple more friendly faces milling around the background, projecting rainbows with their eyes, checking out Alex’s bum every time she leaves a room.

        That last bit may have been in my head, but it felt real guys!

  8. So happy to have you here writing recaps. All the gay! And your favorite tropes are some of my favorites as well. Sestras!

  9. If you wrote a “Girl Monday” column .. Girls on Mondays that gives you strength for the week! Then you could write about Supergirl, Jane the Virgin and Lucifer! I really enjoy your tweets on Potatohead and Petra – also Lucifer! Last night’s episode of Lucifer was amazing, Chloe being too upset to eat the donut – and punching the bad guy for being a bad friend.. and Maze not wanting the car anymore, but respect instead. Also, Chloe getting a home for “2 adult women and a child” then her car getting side-rammed immediately afterwards should qualify that show as queer content! (And the bar scene and the 4 friends.. that team really could have a show on their own)

    As for Supergirl, I really hope it’s Kara that will be gay – if only because of how they got rid of Kara/James so fast with a simple “Kara wasn’t into it” after spending an entire season building it up and if they then pair her up with a white guy a few episodes later, it’s gonna feel really awkward. Though, if Alex is going to start dating Maggie – then we will get a bunch more Alex screen time, which would be super. I will be sad if they pair Kara and Alex up with Winn and El-Mon.

    • I read this as ‘I will be sad if they pair Kara and Alex up” (full stop).. To which I puked in my mouth a little. That is the one ship from this show that I can not get behind. That is one ship I will iceberg.

      • Yeah, you don’t see anyone pairing up Kara with any of her BIOLOGICAL relatives. That’s the one thing that’s really bugged me.

  10. Oh Cat totally know’s Supergirl’s real identity.

    A second Supergirl shows up just three episodes after Kara and Supergirl met in her office.

    When her assistant is gone most of the episode with The Flash (and the episode before that when Kara couldn’t get off her couch because everyone hated Supergirl (and the episode before THAT when both her assistant and Supergirl changed their looks and their personalities, then immediately changed back)) Cat just shrugs and asks Winn to tell her whenever she gets back.

    She knew who The Flash was in one episode.

    She gives Kara these knowing looks whenever she talks about Supergirl.

    Mentions Supergirl/her assistant during a lot of her pep talks to the other person.

    Cat knows. She’s just waiting for Kara to tell her on her own (though she can’t help teasing just a bit).

    • That’s how I felt too, I’m glad it’s not just me. When she says things like, “Own your power,” to Kara I keep shouting YOU KNOW DON’T YOU but I think you’re right. I think she’s waiting for Kara to come to her on her own terms. Gah she’s so good.

  11. I loved this episode. It was a bit rough in places (why can’t J’onnn use telepathy to just find the mole?) but they really followed through on the theme of “stronger together.” Clark didn’t take over Kara’s story, Cat and Kara got some beautiful moments and Kara and Alex finally got to talk at least a little about stuff that’s been causing them tension that we only saw brought up during the red kryptonite episode. I hope they keep working on it because there is clearly still some pain there and they need each other.

    Thanks for a fun review!

  12. Alex: I haven’t gone on a date in two years!
    Me: I volunteer as tribute!!

    Also, Kara’s heart-to-heart with Cat about how she doesn’t do well with change was a little too real and I may or may not have cried a tiny bit.

    Also also, let’s not pretend like Martian Manhunter wouldn’t beat Superman in a fight.

  13. The one thing that I didn’t like about this episode is Cat telling Kara to “Put her big girl pants on.” Yes, Kat, because there’s no such thing as the Glass Ceiling, Misogyny, Racism, etc…All you need is spunk, and people will just have to accept you.

    • I don’t think it was meant like that, I think it was more that Cat can’t fight Kara’s battle for her. Moreover, Cat was Kara’s mentor and she gave her that promotion because she saw something in Kara that Kara still needs to see in herself. It wasn’t about “spunk” or standing up to Shutter (Cudder?, Spudder?) But believing in herself. And Cat wouldn’t feel guilty leaving her.

  14. I really enjoyed the episode! It’s really sad to see Cat go, specially since she’s been so good on the 1st and 2nd episode. However, I really liked the way they wrote the character off. Even though I was very sad, I kinda clapped and yelled at the TV in happiness because that’s how good write-offs are written. It was in character, and left things open ended, and gave us great moments between catxkara and catxsupergirl.

    Also, I’ll be completely honest and say I wasn’t a big CatxKara shipper, but with this episode I finally got it. At least I know there’s plenty in the fandom for that :D

  15. I never watched Ally McBeal but I did watch Calista on Brothers and Sisters regularly but Cat Grant was was a role she was born to play, she just plays that badass, sarcastic, (respectfully) bitchy persona so well. It sucks that TPTB or Calista couldn’t make it work to like commute and film a block of scenes and then head back to LA. I mean doesn’t Harrison Ford fly his own planes she wouldn’t even have to fly back and forth commercially LOL.

    I really liked this episode mostly because James only showed up for 5 minutes (unnecessarily) at the end. James is Fetch and they keep trying to make it happen and I may be alone but I just don’t get his character appeal. Why he had to come over from the Superman world, why they changed him from nerdy photographer to like buff, hot editor guy, etc. Jimmy is supposed to be a “junior” version of Clark like little brother and with Clark still keeping his geeky ways it seems like James is the cooler older brother.

    Ian Gomez was a nice surprise, I hope he sticks around for a while.

    • My parents used to watch Ally McBeal and I haaaaated it and I thought I hated her but I was wrong because I love Cat Grant! She’ll be missed, but hopefully this is a temporary thing and they’ll work out a way to get her back more regularly eventually!

  16. If Alex isn’t bi, I shall lie in a pool of my own tears and remain there for the rest of my godforsaken days.

  17. I know we all want Alex to be the LGBT person (I want that too!), but how cool (See what I did there?) if Caitlin gained her cryokinesis, named herself Ice, ran into a Brazilian superhero named Fire, and…uh…liked her a whole lot?

      • Wait is there really a Brazilian DC superhero named Fire or did you make her up just for this epic ship name??

        • Come, on, Valerie Anne.

          Miss Beatriz Bonilla da Costa, AKA Fire. And you can also find, as always, some pretty nice fan-art

          • What the EF is this!?! Apparently Bea de Costa died in the pilot of “The Flash”. She’s mentioned as one of the people who died in the particle accelerator explosion.

  18. First off I love Supergirl. I am a big DC comic geek. I would love to see Supergirl being offered the Blue ring of Hope. I would love to see her become a member of the Blue Lantern Corps.
    The Flash was offered it for a short period and became a Blue Lantern Corp in the Blackest Night Series.

    Also where is the love for Legends of Tomorrow. A lesbian that fights alongside the boys and gets credit from them for getting the girls. She almost got burned at the steak for sleeping with a bunch of girls. And of course she had a fling with a Queen.

    • Right now it’s just hoping, but we know someone in the CW DC universe will be queer, and we know that lesbian detective Maggie Sawyer is coming to Supergirl, and we’ve seen images of Alex and Maggie glowering at each other. So it’s just hoping, but it’s not an unfounded shot in the dark. But yeah just hoping.

  19. My girl Sarah had not one, not two, but *three* one-on-one conversations with the new guy. I sure hope the writers aren’t setting them up, because, with all due respect, he has got to be the least interesting dude in the whole Arrowverse. Even his granddad came across like a 100 calorie version of Captain America. Set her up with Vixen instead pls.

    I do love she’s finally getting recognized as the team leader though, and also her sibling relationship with Jax stays golden.

  20. The first two episodes of the new season have been strong but something is bugging me about the Cadmus storyline; isn’t Cadmus a government organisation associated with the DEO? I mean J’on J’onzz was nearly given over to Cadmus by that Marine Corps guy. Why is it now acting like some shadowy terrorist organisation? Announcing your intentions to the world in such an ominous way as they did in the second episode doesn’t seem very…governmenty.

  21. The suit Alex wears when she teams up with Kara against one of the metallo’s is the same suit she wore when she was controlled by Myriad at the end of season one and forced to fight Kara

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