Sunday Funday Is Obsessed With Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman’s Love

feature image by Taylor Hatmaker

Hey friendly queers, I’m currently making my dreams come true at A-Camp (did you sing that?). In addition to spending my birthday surrounded by my best friends, I just finished watching Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman talk to each other for over an hour—where Debbie said she wanted us to write about them more— a bunch of queers are watching Gentleman Jack on a hill right now, we celebrated Juneteenth early, and I got to hear Laneia read words out loud yesterday. I am floating right now and I never wanna leave. I love this space.

+ Dr. Lizz Rubin, who we have always known to be a sex toy expert, is now published in Obstetrics and Gynecology, making her an official expert to the entire world.

+ Yee haw, a queer country playlist!

+ Peak Lesbian culture according to Buzzfeed.

+ “Stephe Koontz, who serves on the Doraville City Council, will receive the 2019 Allen Thornell Political Advancement Award from Georgia Equality.”

+ The Tony Awards are today!!

+ The NY State Capitol raised the Pride flag for quite literally the first time ever!!

+ In an attempt to get your vote as Mommi in Chief, Kristen Gillibrand served drinks at an Iowa gay bar. Cute! I love Pride Month Pandering!

+ The New Yorker Radio Hour Podcast takes on Stonewall at 50.

+ Maybe the film Late Night is a feminist dream?!

+ Wow look at the intergenerational bonding sitch happening in this very cute Pride video:

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