Sunday Funday Can Be Your Hero, Baby

Happy Sunday Funday! Last week I met Eileen Myles and Nicki Minaj’s new album leaked and I bought Drake tickets. I’m kind of sad this week is ending, actually. But maybe this next one will be even better! Maybe I will spend it celebrating the week that just passed.

This week is starting off with LGBT history, health, and Huckabees.

Please Look at the Heroes Gallery

The Advocate has existed now for 45 years, and what better way to celebrate than honoring 45 LGBT figures? as it stands, some of our favorite team players are now getting homaged, including the one and only Ellen,  Billie Jean King, Rosie, Tammy Baldwin and a bunch of other fine ladies.

Chicago Cares About LGBT Health

The Chicago Department of Public Health yesterday announced the launch of an action plan to improve the overall health of the city’s queers.

Highlights include promoting the collection of sexual orientation data in medical records, encouraging LGBT health information and research efforts within the medical community, making known resources for reporting violence and reducing violence, cultural competency training, and more inclusion of LGBT people in health programs.

Mike Huckabee Says Something About Bullying, It’s Kind Of Sort Of Cool

Mike Huckabee surprised a lot of people this week when he urged viewers of his FOX television program to see Bully:

The Bully documentary has a top Republican supporter with Mike Huckabee using his television show and an op-ed to call on everyone to see it regardless of their political party. 

“I hope that there will be lines around the block and down the street,” he wrote in The Daily Beast. 

Huckabee called the movie “life-changing” on his Fox News television show during an interview with director Lee Hirsch, and he promised to do everything he can to get people to theaters after seeing the stories of the bullying victims and being “profoundly moved by their plight.” 

Britain’s Gay Marriage Push

Prime Minister David Cameron and a Conservative-led coalition (in the UK the Conservatives appear to have working minds) are embarking on a mission to grant gays the right to marry in Great Britain. Gay couples there are free to seek civil partnerships, but not marriages.

Carson Daly Apologizes

Carson Daly apologized Wednesday for offending all of the gays on his show with a weird, lame homophobic joke:

“This morning on my radio show I attempted to make fun of myself & offended others by mistake. I sincerely apologize,” Daly tweeted Wednesday.

In addition to the tweet, the “Voice” host released a statement, saying, “We live in a time where gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals find courage every day to overcome adversity, stand up to bullying and find equality. I’m truly saddened that my words today suggested otherwise.”


This hippo was brought to you by me reading Jezebel.

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  1. As a Brit, let me assure you that the Tories most definitely do not have working minds, and actually agreeing with them on an issue for what may be the first time ever is hugely disconcerting.

    • I have emailed my two nearest (Conservative) members of Parliament, and both intend on voting against the proposals for equal marriage, so it’s not all sunshine and gaybows.

      • I thought it was still generally just ‘call me dave’ supporting this…

        Can’t help feeling like there may be another party to thank for the atittude as well.

  2. “in the UK conservatives seem to have working minds.”

    If you had been in the UK for the last couple of weeks, I think you might disagree. Massive pasty scandal was one of my personal highlights, second to all the pesky bribery and granny taxing and making the rich much much richer ETCETERA.
    To be honest I suspect the gay marriage thing is either a ploy to up puplic appeal, or an attempt to make the world more conservative and married, either way, A WIN IS A WIN. Regardless of tory bonfire dreams.

    • Yeah, my rudimentary understanding of UK conservatives is that they’re just as economically regressive as our Republican party here in the US, but a bit more sensible in terms of social issues. I think the contrast is most noticeable w/r/t legalizing gay marriage and also acknowledging that climate change is like, actually happening, and perhaps we should, you know, do something about it.

    • Omg!! I remember watching that commercial every time and thinking “I know they’re lying to us, there MUST be house hippos out there somewhere…” And now we know the truth!!!

  3. I read part of that first paragraph as “Eileen Myles and Nicki Minaj’s new album leaked” and I was rather startled to hear that they’ve been collaborating. Then I realized it was my brain trolling itself. April Fool’s. My hopes and dreams are gone forever.

    • I did the same exact thing, except somehow Drake got included in the mix as well. I feel like that collaboration has the potential to be AMAZING.

  4. That hippo has the most adorable tongue! Look at that thing! But the real scoop here is the eleven-storey-tall hippo wrangler.

  5. kinda random but can i just say how much i love this site and the comments that have almost no haters, and that’s so happy and refreshing, and also pokemon.

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