S L I C K: Dream Palace

The following is an excerpt from Sam Cohen's novel SARAHLAND forthcoming from Grand Central Publishing in March 2021.
Themes in this story include: surrealism, erotic moments with girls with cat heads, sex with an ex-bully with a penis

Here you go, driving down the highway, short shorts riding up, thick thighs spread and sweaty on the leather of the driver’s seat. It’s the desert but not the gorgeous rocky kind. Instead it’s the all-tan kind, barren except for some dinky brush. You’re covered in a layer of grease from when you force-opened your tin of lip balm and, melted to liquid, it splashed all over you.
Now you feel like a plump and juicy bird, like your skin might bubble up crisp. Your AC broke, and you’re pouring water all over yourself every two minutes. Your lipstick is bubblegum pink and you’re wearing sunglasses. Your CD keeps skipping and you can’t get a signal out here in the desert, radio or cell. You’re running away, untethered, a girl and her car and a thousand d...

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Sam Cohen is a writer in Los Angeles. Her book SARAHLAND, a semi-linked story collection about mostly queers named Sarah will be available in March 2021 from Grand Central Publishing.

Sam has written 1 article for us.