S L I C K: Jesus Is; A Love Song Part 2

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Greater Saints Ministry looks much smaller now. Or maybe, I’m bigger. My body is for sure. That much I can see from my reflection in the glass of the storefront church. I wonder if you’ll recognize me. I shaved my infamously thick head of hair completely off once I got to college. I was obsessed with Meshell Ndegeocello and so was everyone else at Sarah Lawrence. Today I’m much more my actual self. Filled out around the waist and ass, comfortable in my femme, but still bald and black as a Tootsie Roll.
Through the glass I see your face on a sign. A plain-faced bearded black man is beside you. I’ll assume he’s your husband. He’s cute, but he’s not me. You look good. Your copper toned cheeks round as a smile turns your eyes into slits. The braces really worked. Those eyelashes still long as ever, taunting me like they always have. You don’t wear glasses anymore and I can see how those watery round eyes are betraying your smile. I...

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