Real L Word Episode 109 Recap: Dinah or Bust Me in the Face Already

Whit & Sara are getting closer & closer the further they go, which means disaster must lurk around the corner, like in Scream and Scream 2 or also maybe Jumanji, judging by the music.

Suddenly, just as Sara and Whitney have fallen in love, Sara leaps away from Whitney and bounds into the sea of ladies. Well, really one lady. With one RULLL serious earring.

Guess who’s best friends not just forever, but FOREVER EVER?

It’s Romi & Sara of Romi, Sara & Alyssa Tell All: The Autostraddle Interview!

While Whitney was innocently organizing canned food drives & topping at paintball, Romi & Sara were on the internet playing OurChart.

Real L Word Romi Sara

Sara always knew that her and Romi would get along, because in all honesty, falling for the same lady can be a pretty good indicator of how well you’d get along.

Carly: “We would be good friends because we love large earrings!”

You weren’t a fan of beer on facebook!


Whitney: Gotta love the fucking internet. Apparently Sara and Romi know each other. So the irony is just pouring over.

Papi thinks about this kind of stuff all the time:



Rose points out that the bathroom isn’t just going to get up and remove itself. Nat points out that she’d already apologized and her boobs are really big.

Jess: Who do I have to fuck for Nat and Rose to fight in front of our banner???
Riese: I remember whenever I saw them I felt like they were filming a scripted show, I think that might actually be how I got the idea this show was scripted before seeing it.
Carly: These two give me so much anxiety.
Riese: YES.

Rose You wanna bounce?
Nat: You’re already bouncing.
Rose: What do you wanna do then?
Nat: Drop it.
Rose: Then step up, don’t talk to me like that.
Nat: Rose.
Rose: Don’t talk to me like that.

Carly: Step up? What? Who Does this?

Nat [in interview]: I think Rose kinda wants to fight, kind of wants to go off her own way. So she will take anything and run with it.

Nat and her friends proceed to locate their other friends and Rose, in a very “Michael Scott Wants to Hang Out with Ryan in the city” way, says she’ll just go chill with Whitney. Later, there’s some more high-volume nonsense.

“How can I be lonely with my boys? Like a famous person once said, boys on the side. But I disagree. I say, let’s hear it for the boys.”


Rose wants to leave the feud and leave the drama by leaving Nat at the party. She hails a cab by yelling DINAH into the air, it’s like her mouth is its own Shofar.

Riese: Great way to stop a fight! Just walk away! AGAINST THE RULES ROSE.
Jess: Rose. Honey. You’re 36.
Carly: My God.
Jess: Look at yourself.
Laneia: Stunted growth. It’s a thing.
Carly: YOU’RE ALMOST 40.
Laneia: God I hate people.
Riese: I wish the vagina lady was in this.

Carly: DJ Saratonin is taking the place of the dogs in this episode.
Riese: Yes she is. Sending us secret signals.

So this is the part where Romi & Whitney break Papi’s Rule #2.

Jess: Why is the pool empty?
Riese: You may note the pool that nobody else is in.
Jess: Except for them.
Riese: The pool
Laneia: Did they clear the pool.
Riese: Nobody was ever in the pool
Carly: “Unless you wanna be on Showtime, get out of the goddamn pool”

My lawd, I should’ve done a crying count this episode. I could take a shower in the interview room at this rate. Whitney has feelings! #sadadultkoala.

Meets, Shoots, and Leaves

Riese: I want to be in those sheets. I have #sensememory.
Jess: Whitney’s heart and soul just cameoed.
Riese: Jess just made a joke.
Laneia: I read that ‘cameltoed’ and lol’d.

When Whitney realized that she needed people, she felt vulnerable and sad and had to lay down

God that hat is so cute I just can’t stop laughing


Hi, Cute Machine, party of my heart(y)! Tracy & Stamie have moved to an undisclosed location where they can receive correspondences from Tracy’s Mom. ON SPEAKERPHONE OBVI.

Tracy’s Mom: I came back here thinking about you, you know that I wish I could be there. I like all your friends. That was very very cool. Very good good people.

Tracy’s Mom has decided to move on and accept Tracy as she is. I wish she could’ve done it on camera for more crying.

Riese: ILENE IS MANIPULATING US! She’s making us really like all the people just at the last minute to ensure another year of employment for Ilene and whomever she’s fucking. She’s just like the rest of us, just wanting job security.
Laneia: God these Mad Men tweets are KILLING ME
Laneia: But with Tracy in that hat? It’s like mini Mad Men.
Laneia: I LOVE Tracy’s bottom teeth. Is that weird? Am i weird? FUCK IT

Riese: Rose kept her shades on the whole time. Stoned.
Carly: I am reminded of Party Monster now: “Drink tickets? You couldn’t organize a glass of water!”

Rose self-identifies as a “fucking ATM disposal,” which is like when a garbage disposal eats money little-shop-of-horrors-style. Nat’s there, packing her things into bags, as one does at the end of a vaycay. They yell words loudly at each other’s faces.

Rose wants Nat to apologize for “starting all this.” You know, “this.” What’s “this”? It’s “drama.” Also, Nat’s been “slamming shit.” Why? ‘Cause of “drama.” Also, oil spill? UM YUP DRAMA.

Also, maybe Nat DID take the drink tickets, but only ’cause her boss hasn’t paid her and WHO’S THE BOSS it’s Rose, but Rose spends so much money on Nat’s clothes AND OH HAY WHATEVER BECAUSE she wasn’t wearing any last night and besides this is about LOVE, Rose, a Rose by any other name would be Papi LA LA LA GIRLS ARE PRETTY

Sad panda.

The costume of the day is Old English Schoolboy Gets a Prostitute. I say that with complete respect for prostitutes and moderate respect for old english schoolboys.

I picked the one with boobs up to HERE

Two forces currently paralyze my writing abilities w/r/t this scene: 1) must make joke about Raquel dressing up like a prostitute/slut ’cause of the slutsmut party and Dinah Shore being like that, 2) must not be judgey or perpetuate stereotypes about sex workers or do slut-shaming.

Meanwhile, Nat and Rose are having a super-productive breakup convo behind closed doors, which means it could be dialogue from anywhere. Also, meanwhile, Mikey and Raquel are doing it.

Jess: I’m ready for Nat to pull a gun on Rose
Carly: Hooo boy
Laneia: lol why did you just pull my hair
Riese: They still can’t come up with anything besides “bitch”
Laneia: Carly i will juxtapose your face
Carly: Fucking fighting… other things from that song…
Riese: Loving laughing?

Riese: I have been patient with this bitchass too.
Carly: I’ve been patient with so much bitchassedness. On this show.

It’s a nice day for a same-color-as-our-wedding walk down the street

Nikki & Jill awaken early to take Mom back to the airport. It was amazing to have her Mom here. A woodpecker pecks. A real one. Nikki says they did so much she can’t even remember what they did. I bet they did fun things, like Disneyland or Sea World.

ALSO FYI — Nikki & Jill are still in love and Jill looks cute in her hat. HER MICHIGAN HAT!! (Me & Jill both went to U of M, we have a lot in common clearly)

Raquel: The lesbians are leaving. They’re migrating back to where they’ve come from. It’s really interesting. Some of them don’t make it. I don’t know.

Carly: We didn’t know she was amazing this whole time because she was always so late for everything.
Riese: Yeah she was late for her interviews probs too.

Papi knows what Rose should have been thinking about Nat:

Natalie and Rose’s relationship is over. Rose says she wasn’t the best girlfriend ever, but she “was the best girlfriend she’s ever been in 35 years to Nat.” Look, I don’t care if this is the best car you’ve made in 35 years — if the car don’t run, the car don’t fucking run!

Carly: BUT YOU GUYS I saw them together at The Abbey in July!

Rose loved Nat, but Nat loved sea mammals more

Nat says Rose is mean and speaks down to her and driving away was the best feeling she’s had all weekend. Nat’s sure that Rose’ll be fine, because as Rose told us in the Season Premiere and Nat repeats here:

God you look so ETHEREAL in the sunlight, cut it outtttt

Whitney and the girls drive home in silent, weheartitish twilight.

Whitney & Sara came for the spirit journey. They got more than they’d bargained for.


Dinah solidified Whitney and Sara’s unreadiness for a relationship, says Whitney. It’s a big decision, becoming a vampire.

This later proved false, as I believe Whitney currently has a girlfriend.

Whitney: Fuck it. I am single as hell. So ladies. Watch out.


IT’S TIME FOR THE ENDING MONTAGE of the future! Imagine lesbian acoustic music playing as we dance on into the time.

Riese: Oh, emo lesbo music. Dogs.

Riese: Big guns

Laneia: HUMMUS

Riese: Lonely lonely that is me

Riese: And so it is, just like you said it would be
Carly: That doorman is a vampire
Laneia: BABIES
Carly: Rose is going to a vampire club. Rose is at fangtasia.

Riese: Who’s your daddy?

Laneia: LAPTOPS!

Riese: Mind control
Jess: I’ve missed you miranda

Carly: Friends forever
Riese: 4everever
Laneia: I want to jump ahead 4 yrs

Carly: This is that Vitamin C song!
Laneia: Oh fuck you Carly, that was perfect. Perfect analogy

Carly: So that’s it? It’s all over now?
Riese: The endso.
Riese: Who killed Jenny? I thought we were gonna find out.
Laneia: Obvs Rose’s ego killed Jenny.
Riese: I think she just fell.
Carly: … and in the end, Bette and Tina moved to New York and Alice started a band.
Riese: …and Max had a baby.

Carly: Fuck this shit.
Laneia: Love you guys.
Carly: I’m gonna go watch mad men now. MADMENNNN!
Riese: I want to go to Dinah, it was fun. I like it whenever we can all be together.
Laneia: Next time, I promise to look where I’m going and not break my foot.
Carly: Ok ladies. It’s been real REAL L. Get it?


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    • also i guess that isn’t that surprising seeing as how i also wore some kind of massive snake to dinner and appear to be sleeping on the street.

      anyway, THIS IS REALLY FUNNY, SURPRISE. i esp. liked that tuscany shout out and something else but i forgot what but prob later i’ll remember/reread.

  1. Seriously, the biggest surprise of the episode was Raquel, the lesbian migration jokes were absolute win. Other than that, the usual meh.
    But thank God for your recaps, that takes everything to a whole new level! :D

  2. Awesome. So amazing. Where do you get this shit Riese? You are a superhero of the lesbians. Taylor is queen of the doodling. I’m honored to have made the apparent Dinah Shore Hall of Fame and I enjoyed the team’s side-conversation more than usual this time.

    I’m surprised that I really warmed up to this show by the end of this episode. The season/series wasn’t as horrific as I thought it would be. Obvs it could’ve been done so much better (and I can’t wait to hear Riese’s thoughts on that) but still — it was alright, definitely bearable, and sometimes enjoyable.

  3. The finale felt more like an episode of a real television show than the others. It had a beginning, middle and end with a clear resolution of most storylines. It was definitely watchable and even fun, espesh if you’ve sat through allllll the other episodes. Bitch as we may, I commend the show for introducing some real gems into the lesbian pop culture lexicon. I just wish we could’ve been spared the real doozies around the epi 4-6 range that were totally unbearable.

  4. Fisting jokes. Fantastic. Almost died.

    Plus, did you notice all the clubskirtsthedinahclubskirtsthedinahclubskirtsthedinahclubskirtsclubskirtsclubskirts? Guess Girlbar didn’t shell out for promotion. Or is this like, totally normal, and I’m just super innocent when it comes to Dinah Shore.

    Also, I think I realized that part of what makes Natalie and Rose so unbearable to watch is that they never seem to have hatesex. Was there ANY hatesex on this show?

  5. Brill! The recaps are funhappylaughtimes, keep me from going to bed when I should, and make me appreciate y’all taking one for the team (time wise).

    When I find my wallet I will make a donation. Apparently, today was the day to ask me for money. Equality California already hit me up, sneaky bastards.

    • That was weird, karen, you took the words right out of my mouth.

      I guess the only thing I would like to add is that, just in case you want to read recaps that are actually entertaining, with a healthy dose of every human emotion, and just the precise amount of despair and judgey fun, you should just go: here

  6. This was too hilarious. I’ve got to give Ilene kudos for having everyone suddenly become lovable (with the exception of Rose, who I wish Natalie had really just dumped). She sure knows how to play with our emotions. I just hope that if there is a Season 2, that she at least stays true to her L Word form and has like, 9 different story lines at one time. This show was more linear than Final Fantasy 13.

    Romi and Sara = epic win. I shall miss Romi’s hotness and her random feather earrings. *sigh*

  7. This was BY FAR the most interesting episode (and that’s not saying much).

    Julie and I need lasik surgery after intensely scouring the background of the paused tivo for shots of anything Autostraddle during the Dinah footage.

    We came up empty and we’re pissed about it.

  8. I liked the Autostraddle @ Dinah pictures best. Omg, remember when Rachel remotely liveblogged Dinah and it was the coolest weekend of the internet ever?

    Additionally, Taylor, I’m not sure that was a sanitary location for a nap. I hope you made it out disease free.

  9. don’t have showtime so can’t watch this, but PLEASE tell me they included the dinah earthquake in this episode. it was far and away the most entertaining thing that happened that weekend. and it took most of the lesbians a couple minutes to realize what happened because we all just thought we were hammered.

  10. I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I already know I like Autostraddle’s version of Dinah better.

    P.S. The restaurant that Rose and Nat are in looks like Olive Garden. Or a fake Olive Garden. Why is their table the only one without a tablecloth? Weird.

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