Here’s Who Got #NationalGirlfriendDay Right On Twitter

It seems our recall on the word “girlfriend” to describe platonic friendships between women has been largely ignored by the straight community, and nowhere was this more apparent than on Twitter yesterday for #NationalGirlfriendDay. The recall was pretty straightforward and they’ve had an entire year to claim their rebate, and also you don’t see us trying to co-opt Galentine’s Day, but, okay, I guess go ahead and log onto Twitter to align this with Girls’ Night Out.

Except, don’t, and clearly we need a refresher on the topic, so, lets’ talk about Who Got National Girlfriend Day right (or wrong) on Twitter:

Wrong. The accompanying picture that zeros in on Gigi Hadid embracing Kendall Jenner’s midsection is a slap in the face, and not in a good way.

This is not a link to Carol in a queue 60 times. Wrong.

No one takes anyone out for some “bagels tonight”, so this is a reach on top of being wrong.

Scarlett’s making that face because: wrong.

Correct! Good for Molly Priddy. We wish her the best of luck with Mary Louise Parker.

*looks up from what I was doing and lowers my readers to the bottom of my nose to look at LaCroix not in a mean way but also not in a good way*


Don’t you dare bring Girls Trip into this. Wrong.

Rachel Zoe, surprising no one: wrong.

What? No. Wrong.

No, she doesn’t and didn’t. Wrong.

Is nothing sacred? Wrong.

The cast of the TV show Girlfriends posting about National Girlfriend Day: we’ll allow it!

No, WE toss pillows around on the bed at night as sex. That’s what we do. Not you, Little Mix! Wrong.

Unless this is Dinah Shore and Kate Walsh and Angela from The Office who are draped over each other on a float have some news for us: wrong.

Pandering. Wrong!


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  1. At least the Sony tweet includes my future wife, Kate McKinnon. That has to count for something.

  2. Straight women’s posts about this annoyed the shit out of me ALL GODDAMN DAY yesterday. They were all so insistent on making it a “best girlfriends(no homo)” day while also excluding that hey some women do have actual girlfriends and giving a shout out to literally everybody else(mothers, sisters, aunties,etc) and “hey, fellas don’t forget to thank….” Shut up Tiffany.

    Wow, I’m bitter today.

  3. This is why we can’t have nice things… the straights just can’t help themselves

    • Ugh, after posting this I want to delete it. I mean, it’s maybe girlfriends or maybe GIRLFRIENDS, but it’s not Twitter so…


      • Just saw both movies yesterday and I could talk for hours about how sure I am that Mal is not in love with Ben…I mean, either that or her acting is really bad. She never once looks at him the way she looks at Evie during that song!
        What I’m trying to say is, I hate heteronormativity.

        • And I’ve always thought Dove’s acting as Mal was spectacular. Plus Ben’s just kinda boring.

          No I seriously thought they were about to kiss, twice. And this line: “It will always be you and me” doesn’t help. Like, what about your boyfriends, straight girls? The whole thing is a total love song.

  4. Hey hey you you
    I don’t like your (wrong use of the word) girlfriend.
    No way no way
    I think you need a new use.
    Hey hey K Stew
    I could be your girlfriend

  5. Uh… So my straight best friend can’t seem to break the habit of introducing me as her “girlfriend”. And then she’s shocked when people assume we are a couple. It’s annoying but also makes me laugh so hard inside every time it happens.

  6. I feel like ScarJo putting her hand on her friend’s knee makes that one just a tiny bit right?

  7. i am from ottawa where that bagel store is and can confirm that people do infact go out for “some bagels tonight”. but still wrong.

    • I am also from Ottawa and can confirm your confirmation. Kettleman’s is a destination location and I personally would be thrilled to be taken out for “some bagels tonight”.

  8. Well, I’m glad it isn’t #InternationalGirldfriend day or I’d have to get officially aggrieved.

    Also, I think the Girls Trip one is right if you live in a solipsistic bubble and assume it refers only to you taking your 100% genuine girl-on-girlfriend to see it.

  9. Also, in tangentially-relates StraightWatch news, last week a programme was on UK TV where two men were looking at a woman looking at unicorn cakes on Pinterest. It’s a wonder I’m still alive.

      • Oh man Googlebox. I wish we could get that in the States. We had our own rip-off version of it called The People’s Couch for a few seasons but I think Bravo cancelled it.

  10. Woah. Wonderful summary of the world at large. (sigh…)

    What can I say, my twitter feed is trés gay? So, GF day was a-okay.

  11. The best method I’ve found for dealing with this issue is asking the straight girl if she (or the person she’s referring to) is dating this “girlfriend”. That tends to shut it down, at least for a minute.

        • That is highly appropriate! And pretty soon we will be able to say “I’m older and I have more insurance.”

          My mom recently told me I wanted to be Idgie. I only vaguely remember that, but I mostly remember having a crush on MLP, watching the video nonstop and reciting dialogue all of the time.

    • I saw a post online today saying it’s her birthday. So, maybe it’s your chance to take her to a romantic a birthday dinner. She did after all had a girlfriend on Weeds.

  12. I’ll give Kat Barrell a pass for wishing Dominique Provost-Chalkley a happy girlfriend’s day on Twitter, since they do at least play the correct type of girlfriends on tv.

  13. I was scrolling through Instagram yesterday and saw the Kate Walsh/Angela Kinsey post and totally thought it was from the Dinah. I think it was intentional.

  14. Ugh can’t wait for #nationalwivesday to just be pictures of straight women admiring each other’s wedding rings

  15. I have to very much disagree with you on that bagel comment. This Queer Jew was out with Sunday night with a Jewish lady who asked me if I know a good bagel spot. We haven’t gone yet, but there were talks of going to one. So….

  16. What? I’m shipping Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon now? I guess the word pal just sets off that automatic trigger in my amygdala

  17. I spent the whole day thinking it was National Girlfriend Day, so that straight boys would appreciate their girlfriends and any women talking about it were either queer or being queer inclusive.

    Super disappointed right now.

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