Drawn to Comics: How to Support Your Favorite Queer Comics Creators This Holiday Season

I hope you had a happy Christmas! My favorite part of this column every year is the knowledge that it helps support so many of my favorite queer people and comics creators. This year, I started working on this article as a list of alternative ways to support queer creators other than Patreon. Patreon had changed its payment policy to charge supporters an extra fee, making it impossible for many people to keep up the level of support they previously had. However, thanks to a huge backlash from both creators and supporters, they reversed their decision.

Each creator’s name will link to their Patreon or other ways you can support them. If you’re not into Patreon or can’t support on a monthly basis, most of these creators will have links to their twitters or websites where you can find other ways to support them with one time payments or through online stores. If you see anything you like or that piques your interest, click on the link and support queer people making queer art!

Ed. Note: Autostraddle is a website primarily focused on “girl-on-girl culture” (a.k.a. LGBQ cis and trans women) that also welcomes and often makes specific space for non-binary people, which’s why this list was originally limited to those two populations. Trans men are men, there’s no question about that. But we also recognize that for many trans men and trans masculine people, this is the only community they feel safe in, that many built family in queer women’s communities, that they read this website and support it financially, and that when it comes to lists like this (as a trans cartoonist pointed out to us on twitter), if they’re not on this list, whose list will they be on? Trans men are often ostracized from cis male culture and not included in gay men’s spaces or publications. Therefore we decided to add some trans masc and trans male artists to this list. This doesn’t reflect a shift in Autostraddle’s editorial direction for the website on the whole, but is in fact what we’ve done from the beginning, which is occasionally expand our coverage to a broader segment of our community on a post-by-post / case-by-case basis. Basically, this seemed like a kind thing to do, erring on the side of family regardless of politics. I hope you enjoy this new, expanded list.

Blue Delliquanti

Blue is the non-binary creator of the gay and trans robot webcomic O Human Star and other comics.

Melanie Gilman

Gilman, who’s also non-binary, created the webcomic-turned book As the Crow Flies about two young queer kids who meet at a Christian camp for girls.

Archie Bongiovanni

Archie is one of Autostraddle’s resident Saturday Morning Cartoonists, and they’re making Grease Bats, lots of drawings of queer hunks, lots of zines and an upcoming guide to they/them pronouns.

Kate Leth

Come on, you know who Kate Leth is. She’s worked on comics from Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors to Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat and Spell on Wheels. She also works in animation and makes some really amazing illustrations and autobio comics.

Wendy Xu

Wendy is one of my favorite artists, and is working on the witch/werewolf webcomic Mooncakes and other beautiful fantasy and sci-fi fables and tales.

e jackson

e is a super great and lovely person and draws some of the cutest and softest characters on the internet.

Hannah Templer

If you love babely babes and women with big muscles, you need to check out Hannah’s work right now.

Noella Whitney

Noella is both one of the best butches on the internet and the super talented artist and creator of the queer pirate webcomic Broadside.

Miranda Harmon

Harmon makes some of the best autobio comics you’ll ever see and draws lots of cute creatures too!

Maddi Gonzalez

Maddi Gonzalez is an amazing artist who draws all of my twitter icons and also makes really amazing autobio comics about mental illness.

Alyssa Andrews

Another one of Autostraddle’s cartoonists, Alyssa draws and writes the autobio comic Oh Hey It’s Alyssa about her life, disability, love and her dog George.

Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

Rosemary’s one of the absolute best illustrators out there and is working on a graphic novel right now.

Mildred Louis

Louis is one of the best artists online, she’s the creator of the magical girl comic Agents of the Realm.

Ariel Ries

Ariel is the creator of the best comic about witches you’ll ever read, Witchy.

Maya Kern

Maya Kern writes the adorable and adorably gay comic Monster Pop.

Chelsey Furedi

From Rock and Riot by Furedi.

Furedi is an Australian artist who makes Rock and Riot, a webcomic with gay, bi, pan, ace, trans and other queer characters.

Julia Kaye

Kaye is a queer trans woman who makes some of the best and cutest trans autobio comics ever. Her comic is called Up and Out.

Keezy Young

Young is an incredibly talented artist and the creator of comics like Yellow Hearts and Taproot.

Shing Yin Khor

Shing makes installation art and wonderful comics and illustrations.

Kylie Wu

Kylie Wu is another trans comic creator and is still the creator behind the funniest single page trans comic ever (see above)

Sara Goetter

Goetter makes the cute webcomic Boozle and the furry Dungeons and Dragons project Dungeon Critters.

Annie Mok

Mok is a trans woman, musician, podcaster and comic creator.

Katy Farina

Katy Farina is a comic artist and illustrator who worked on the Steven Universe comic.

Aatmaja Pandya

Aatmaja is one of the most skilled illustrators and is great at crafting really great relaxing stories.

Kat Leyh

Leyh has worked on great queer comics from SuperCakes to Lumberjanes.

Cathy G. Johnson

I’m in love with Cathy G. Johnson’s illustration and writing style. Check her out and you will be too

Marguerite Bennett

Bennett is the writer of super queer titles like Batwoman, Bombshells United and InSEXts.

Sage Coffey

Coffey is a comic creator who makes comics about anxiety and “little critters.”

Shawn Lenore

Lenore is an illustrator from outside of Chicago who makes the webcomic How to Be a Werewolf.

Adri Tibbs

According to twitter, Tibbs is “a digital cartoonist, character artist, illustrator, & Internet Cool Kid.”

Jaime Camille and Margot Jane

Jamie and Margot are the people behind the webcomic Kindrid Skies.

Cecily Pérez

Cecily Pérez is a non-binary, Mestizx illustrator from Minneapolis who’s working on comics, illustrations and a tarot deck.

G.C. Houle

Houle is a queer Canadian and the creator of a lot of comics over at Filthy Figments.

Elaine Tipping

Tipping is an artist who is behind the queer fantasy comic Pathways: Chronicals of Tuvana, illustrations and fan comics and autobio comics about her life in Japan.

Bianca Fanty

Fanty is a non-binary illustrator who makes comics and music.

Lisa Baggy

Baggy is a freelance artist from Manchester who does fanart, her own projects and Chibi illustrations.

Jean M. Hodges

Hodges is a writer and artist who writes urban fantasy and is open to commissions of many kinds.


Ash is an artist and writer who works on the webcomic Heat and other projects.

Ashley McCammon

McCammon is the creator of the webcomic Obelisk, which she says is a “queer romance comic, a horror comic, and several things in between.”

Izzi Ward

Ward makes fantasy comics like Sephie, an adaptation of Persephone stories and a current secretive comic called only “the Queer Witch Comic.”

Shan Murphy

Murphy is one of my favorite artists on all of twitter. They should be one of yours too!

Niki Smith

Niki Smith is the brilliant creator behind the nerdy, clever and sexy comic Crossplay and other great comics.

Nicole Mannino

Nicole makes one of my all-time favorite webcomics ever, This is Not Fiction.

Katie O’Neill

Katie O’Neill makes some of the cutest comics ever, like Princess Princess Ever After and The Tea Dragon Society.


Sunmi is a supremely talented Korean-American illustrator and cartoonist who makes some of my favorite pieces of art.

MJ Barros and Barbara Perez

Barros and Perez are the super talented team behind the gay lady knight comic Order of the Belfry.

Andi Santagata

Santagata is the cartoonist and illustrator behind the autobio webcomic Trans Man Walking and other comics.

G. Pike

Pike is a transmasc, nonbinary artist who makes the webcomic Title Unrelated.

Alan Kaplan

Kaplan is a trans guy who writes the queer scifi comic Full-Spectrum Therapy.

Higu Rose

Rose is a Black artist from Chicago who makes both fiction and autobio comics.


The GENDER Book is “a fun, colorful, community-based resource, which illustrates the beautiful diversity of gender – a gender 101 for anyone and everyone.”

Soren Häxan

Häxan is a trans masc artist making a queer comic retelling of the King Arthur mythos called The Arthurian Smut Cycle.

Ethan Parker

Parker is an agender, queer, Black trans artist who makes autobio comics about mental illness, their transition, gender and other life experiences.

River Kai

Kai is a Youtuber, illustrator and the creator of the webcomic What-Sexual? about a college student struggling with sexuality, gender identity and suicidal thoughts.

K.M. Claude

Claude is a queer trans guy who mostly does horror and erotic comics.

Andy Leigh

Leigh is a queer Xicano artist from Texas who makes the webcomic Poltergeist Incorporated.


Dani is a transmasc non-binary cartoonist making the webcomic The Guide to a Healthy Relationship.

Michael Kay

Kay is a 21 year old trans man comic artist and illustrator from the Twin Cities who has an autobio comic Pretty Boy.

Sean Withers

Withers is a Canadian trans man, cartoonist and illustrator.

Casey Columbus

Columbus is a poly and pansexual trans guy from Oregon who makes the fantasy webcomic Holystone.

Mich Ramsey

Ramsey is a non-binary cartoonists who draws dragons and furries and makes the webcomic Star Light, Strobe Light.

Harrison Webb and Aiden McFarland

Together these two trans men make art and a webcomic called Chaotic Good about living together as a trans and queer blended family.

Chris Samuels

Samuels is a trans man who writes and illustrates the fantasy comic Rended about “a boy trying to find himself and a man trying to lose himself.”


Oliver is a queer guy who draws the webcomic Conduit, about ghosts mental illness and queer people.

Sey Viani

Viani is a queer comic artist, horror lover and illustrator.

Alex Reeder

Reeder is a queer, transmasc artist who makes comics about queer romance, mental health and queer erotica.


Montclair is a non-binary artist who created the webcomic Scraps, about characters surviving in a post-apocalyptic world.


Zombie is a queer and trans artist from Colorado who makes the superhero webcomic Switch.

Aim Ren

Ren is a Chicago-based illustrator who works on art focusing on identity and accessibility.

Adrien Lee

Lee has been making the LGBTQ webcomic White Noise about mythological monsters and does illustrations.

Jay Goldstein

Goldstein is an animation student who makes comics including an upcomic webcomic called Confused Youth.

Dylan Edwards

Edwards is a queer and trans artist who makes lots of comics including TransposesPolitically InQueerect and Valley of the Silk Sky.

Ciaran and Hannah

These two non-binary creators are making the 80’s slice-of-life/sci-fi webcomic Superpose.

Sigi Ironmonger

Sigi is an artist and colorist who works in comics and graphic design.

H-P Lehkonen

Lehkonen is a trans, queer comic artist who makes the LGBT romance comic Life Outside the Circle.

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Detective Comics #971

Gotham City Garage #6

Suicide Squad #32

Wonder Woman #37

DuckTales Treasure Trove TP

Jem & The Holograms Dimensions #2

Powerpuff Girls Time Tie HC

Motor Crush #9

Saga Vol 8 TP

Captain Marvel #127

Jessica Jones #15

Mighty Thor #701

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #26

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol 4 Girl-Moon TP

Phoenix Resurrection: Return of Jean Grey #1

Lumberjanes #45

Riverdale Ongoing #9

Steven Universe #1

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