Day 13 Is Here and We’re Dancing For You

Remember when we had our last fundraiser way back in August, complete with cute visuals, created by Sarah? Well, so she could make those visuals, Sarah asked the senior editors to videotape themselves dancing. In her own words, "I was going to create animations of them to sprinkle throughout the website. That never happened because I actually don't know how to animate shit (yet)." BUT NOW we have great news because we sure are repurposing our leftovers in a big way, just for you and now with even more Autostraddlers!

Thank you to everyone who's been with us throughout the 13 Days of A+. We're so glad you're here.

In order of appearance: Kamala, Riese, Sarah, Rachel, Nicole, Malic, Molly, Vanessa, Laneia and Carmen! Video description: This is an extremely casual situation, where Sarah edited together clips to create a montage of all the aforementioned folks dancing solo....

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