S L I C K: Duckling

It had been months since she had touched me. Whether she had another lover or not, I didn’t know, although I could have found out easily — a quick look into her eyes when she would come to my house straight from work, her whole body smelling of camphor. A peek into the photos on her computer, if she chose to leave it overnight, as she sometimes did when she decided to stay for two days in a row. I knew the password because she kept it the same for everything — ATEVA004! — and I knew this password because she trusted me with it. She trusted me with everything--money, watches, bills, time. So what right did I, her chosen confidant, have to doubt her?
Her official title was “Topical formulation scientist”, mixing and measuring and melting i...

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Daisuke Shen grew up in Greenville, South Carolina and Kitahiroshima, Japan. They were once invited to read at the University of Notre Dame, but put the wrong name on their plane ticket and couldn't go. They have a cat named Salem. You can read more of their work at neutralspaces.co/daisukeshen.

Daisuke has written 1 article for us.