How to Make the MTA $Free.99

Even if it’s not overnight, New York does have the money and economy to bankroll a $Free.99 MTA. If New York were a country, it’d have the 11th biggest economy worldwide, between Canada and South Korea. If much smaller cities like Tallinn, Estonia, Kansas City, USA, Dunkirk, France and Luxembourg have rolled out free public transit using taxes and subsidies, then NYC can too.

I’m Not a Fabulous Queer

Being invisible is in some ways a privilege. QTPOC who are visible are subject to scrutiny at best and violence at worst. I don’t want to talk about visibility. I’m still ashamed of the lonely, aching part of me that longs for recognition.

Letter From The Editor: In Another World

You can’t win in a world not meant for you, so I’m offering up the In Another World Issue as my attempt at creating some other option. We’re presenting you with the ways that bright, thoughtful, ferocious people are creating their own space. Worlds within and outside of this slippery one, full of answers and questions and buoyant hope tunnels.

Summer of 1990

I remember it all because for that one hour of that one day in that horribly long summer, I could see part of myself reflected in someone else and I felt less alone.

The Burlesque Show

Minutes before I saw Poison Ivory pour champagne down her back and watch it drip between her legs, I knew seeing this black burlesque performer would evoke Power.

Warning: Someone’s Body

I am coming to believe that my body is where my knowledge of the Divine lives—even when intellectual belief in God eludes me. My body has known for years that to live it would have to change.