Back To The Queer Future #5: Duck The Police

You are rattled awake to find yourself sat on a bus at night. Though when you see people leaning out the side and feel the vehicle struggle up a steep hill you realise it’s actually a San Francisco cable car! You notice quite a few butch-looking women in their finest dapper getup, and what’s more, several are furtively holding hands with their rather femme partners. You’re wondering where they could all be heading when the trolley shudders to a halt and the couples start to file out.

You hop off and follow the queer folk a couple of blocks to the entrance of a bar, the name “Tommy’s” hanging over the door. You slip inside and find the bar is packed full of lesbian couples drinking and dancing. You’ve just introduced yourself to a hot woman when someone bursts in and warns that a police raid is imminent! The hot woman grabs you by the hand and drags you into a side alley where you can lay low before the police arrive. She introduces herself as Rose and, despite no photographs of her ...

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Sally does something with computers for a living. Beyond this, she enjoys making gifs, dreaming up stories, and overthinking. She lives over a river in the South of England, but her heart belongs forever to the North.

Sally has written 44 articles for us.