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    Smith decisions come out this Friday! Who else here applied? We can comfort each other as we wait.

    • I applied ED! did you get in?

      • I did, but they gave me pretty much zero financial aid, so I won’t be going. :( Congratulations though! :)

    • I got waitlisted. It looks like I’m going to Wellesley, because they gave me tons of money, but I’m worried. When I visited, I was emphatically assured by the admissions counselor that I WOULD have a boyfriend, not to worry. And that “not every girl at a women’s college is a lesbian. We don’t even have a higher percentage of lesbians than any other college, co-ed or not!” All this without knowing a thing about me. (I mean, I’m super femme, but still, it was fairly aggressive.) Does anyone know much about Wellesley?

      • Ugh, that sucks. :( My guess would be that this sort of thing is something that happens at a lot of women’s colleges, since I’m sure they’re concerned about people deciding not to attend because they’re worried about having a boyfriend. Still, I totally get why you’re worried.

        Sadly I don’t anything about Wellesley, but I’d suggest going to College Confidential (here’s their Wellesley sub-forum: and posting there and asking about this. People there are usually super helpful and informative. Also, maybe try reading reviews on IDK how helpful that site would be for this particular instance, but it’s worth a shot. Here’s Wellesley:

        Good luck!