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    Hello! I’m Sophie, a 22 year old PhD student in Bristol (UK) and I also spend a fair amount of my time in Oxford and London. I’m a music/history/language nerd and my housemate’s kittens are my (not very helpful) research assistants. I like to sing really old things and make cakes when I should be working.

    • haha i’m always baking instead of researching! i don’t know how i manage to get anything done… baking just seems like a productive way to procrastinate :) so what’s your PhD topic? i’m just starting honours in history…. a steady year of baking is clearly ahead of me…

      • Completely failed to reply, sorry! A year of baking sounds about right. The topic is changing by the minute, but at the moment it’s Holy Cross feasts in early south Italian medieval liturgy and influences from Byzantium and Francia. Sounds weird but I love it.

    • just on the off chance that I haven’t spammed you and you’re in London this tues there’s an AS meet up at Ruby Tues (Ku Bar) 8:30.x

    • It’s too bad you are so far away since I am also a music/history/language nerd!

      • That is much too bad! Particularly as cellists make me go a bit funny. What are your favourite nerdthings?