A Plus Podcast Episode Eight: NAILED IT

Hello, podcast friends and neighbors! This month on the A+cast we're nailin' it — literally and figuratively — with tales of nails in all their meanings. On your hands, in carpentry, in a super cool queer nail salon, at A Camp — they're everywhere these days!
This chock-full-of-awesome hour of podcast beauty features an interview with Jasika Nicole, artist, actor (Astrid on Fringe, Intern Dana on "Welcome to Night Vale," overall perfect human) and woodworker/carpenter, who talks to Autostraddle's Gabrielle Rivera about the furniture she's built with her hands and representation in DIY culture. London-based nail artist Allie Katz of Mx Katz Does Nails takes us inside their queer and trans inclusive nail art studio. Autostraddle's Mey Rude continues her conversation with writer, journalist and trans advocate Janet Mock. In a blast from the past from spring A-Camp 2013, DeAnne Smith has her take on nailin' it in life.
And for the first time ever, Krista Burton of Effing Dykes brings her...

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