A+ Members! A Question: What Advice Would You Give Your Tween Self?

Birthdays are a great (terrible?) time for self-reflection — and what better occasion to mentally travel through time back to being a tween than Autostraddle's 12th birthday which is on March 9?!

So, A+ friends, we're asking: what advice would you give your 12-year-old self from your current vantage point?

And do you want to share that advice with other A+ members? Who knows? Maybe we'll all have a very cathartic b-day situation. The advice will publish in an A+ post on March 9, Autostraddle's 12th Birthday!

Submit your advice here. Please get your advice in before the morning of Monday March 8! That way it can be included the following day.

This photo gives me the energy of my nonbinary bisexual tween self who was stressed about not understanding all of the above, just trying to figure things out in the woods. Also, I loved the book HATCHET as a tween so there's that. (Stock photo model not associated or affiliated with Autostraddle.)

Get that advice in right here....

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Nicole Hall

Nicole Hall is Autostraddle's A+ and Fundraising Director, and has been fundraising and working in the arts and nonprofit sector for over a decade. They write nonfiction as well as aggressively gay and sometimes spooky fiction. They live in Pittsburgh with their partner, Sadie. They are also a gardener, project queer, witchy/wizardly human and BFF to a lovely senior rescue dog. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram as @nknhall.

Nicole has written 72 articles for us.