20 Excerpts From Gaby Dunn’s Baby Bi Stoner Diary 2001-2003

Welcome to Excerpts From My Super-Secret Diary, an A+ feature for Silver & Gold members in which we publish for you some of our incomplete and/or highly personal thoughts we’ve written down, usually with actual pens. Today, Gaby has selected excerpts from her journals chronicling her baby bi days.

Gaby Dunn, circa 2002


Crying Tears of Crimson: A Poem

My tears are cellophane (invisible)
Sunshine guards the hidden dark
Blackness haunts to cloud white
Blinding light conceals routine
I am alone.

The past consumes my mind. I yearn (for it)
The present clouds my soul. I drown (in it)
The future blinds my courage. I shiver (from it.)
The world grasps to threaten chance, I cry crimson tears alone.


Different: A Poem

Different, ...

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Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn is a writer, journalist, comedian, and actress living in Los Angeles. She hosts the finance and feelings podcast "Bad With Money" and her book I HATE EVERYONE BUT YOU is out now from Wednesday Books. She is bi AF.

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