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Want direct access to a young and trendy lesbian market? You’re in the right place.

Autostraddle is the web’s leading independently-owned lesbian website serving over 1.5 million unique monthly visitors and earning over 3.9 million total page views a month.

Autostraddle is a revolutionary online destination and powerful brand for lesbian, bisexual and otherwise inclined ladies. We aim to build community, report breaking news, promote talented artists, and support progressive activists.

THE MOST POPULAR  INDEPENDENT LESBIAN WEBSITE. Traffic / 1.5 Million Unique Visitors Per Month / 3.9 Million Total Page Views Per Month | Social Media / 41.2K Twitter Followers / 57K Facebook Likes / 60.1K Tumblr Followers / 3.8K Pinterest Followers / 13.4K Instagram Followers

The Average Autostraddler is:

  • between the ages of 18-34
  • female
  • single or dating
  • college educated
  • an extremely heavy user of social media
  • a regular online shopper

We offer advertisers a premiere opportunity to connect with a stylish, intelligent and progressive “recession-proof” community of web-savvy women — 89% of which will seek out brands that are advertised to the LGBT market directly.

Our daily feature articles cover a full spectrum of news, entertainment and “girl on girl culture” — from fashion, music, technology, film and television, art, photography, literature, politics and more — offering advertisers of all sizes valuable opportunities to organically promote their brand to this elusive market segment.

Here are some ways to partner with us:

Banner Graphics

Advertising is available on in the form of banner graphics, prominently displayed
A) in the leaderboard at to top of all our content
B) at the top of the sidebar of every page of the website, and
C) a mobile banner that displays at the top of the website in mobile view.

Editorial Content, Custom Campaigns and More

Our loyal and interactive community is attracted to our edgy and respected reporting, value our opinions, and consider us an authority who only promotes the best. Partnering with us like is like getting an endorsement from the coolest kid in school, and you’re supporting an independent media outlet.

An editorial piece for your product or service is a very personal and effective way to reach our audience.

In the past, we’ve created sponsored posts for: Aqua Girl®, Sweet Lesbian Travel, SheSeek smartphone app, an intricate and integrated campaign for o.b. tampons, and a successful personal essay series for Motrin®.

Brands we’ve worked with on custom campaigns in the past include:
Custom campaign clients

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