“Good Trouble” Episode 306 Recap: Hello

In light of last week’s anti-Asian racist murders in Atlanta, this week’s episode — which features Alice continuing to battle against Asian stereotypes in her diversity comedy program — just hit different.

“Good Trouble” Episode 218 Recap: Trap Heals

I wish I had the words to fully explain the world that Good Trouble invites us into this week; I feel like nothing I say can fully do it justice. It is ethereal… a profound admission of black pain, an honest acknowledgement of the need for black healing and a wholehearted embrace of black joy.

“Good Trouble” Episode 216 Recap: Fragility

“Everybody wants to be an ally but not everyone wants to be an ally long enough to make themselves uncomfortable. Everybody wants to be an ally, but not everyone is willing to have their own standing threatened. People rationalize their action — or inaction, as it were — but what it fundamentally comes down to is everybody wants to be known as an ally but few people are will to invest their time, money and security in actually being an ally.”

“Good Trouble” Episode 212 Recap: Gumboot Becky

Good Trouble continues its tradition of highlighting an increasing number of important issues that often go undiscussed, like opioid use among young people and education policy — but “Gumboat Becky” also shows a series that’s evolving and willing to address how it builds its own narrative.