Starting Right Now Today: A+ Members-Only Valentine’s Discord Server!

Hey there starbursts! Today is the day! And also tomorrow!

We’re hosting an A+ Members Discord Server for the purposes of assuaging boredom this weekend, making connections on the internet, perhaps even meeting a new friend and maaaybe finding a date!

The Important Stuff

Time: 6am PST Saturday February 13 – 8pm PST Sunday February 14
Use this Link (You’ll also need to sign up for discord):

To use Discord on your phone, it will prompt you to install an app. You can also install the app on a computer, OR you can just use Discord in your computer’s web browser.

We also have an invite widget embedded down below.

Some Questions You Might Have:

Q: What if I’m not looking for dates?
A: Hoo well are you in luck! The majority of server channels in this thing are actually not about dating. You can join and just chat with fellow queers about houseplants, what you’re binge-watching, that book you’re reading. We’re keeping it light, but also, you know, gay.

Q: Will I meet the love of my life on this server?
A: You miiiight, but we recommend going into this with the lowest of expectations, as you would with any dating app. We recommend just trying to concentrate on having fun! It’s kind of like internet-based speed-dating, since you’ll want to make plans (exchange insta handles or somesuch) if you want to continue a connection afterwards. The more people join, the better the odds, so…if you’re thinking about it, why not stop on by?

Q: Who will be modding?
A: It’s Carmen and me (Nicole)!  We’re asking anyone who joins to abide by a code of conduct that is rooted in mutual respect and to just be our best selves on here. But yes, we’ll be around to help and you should DM or tag us if there are any serious issues (harassment, etc.).

Q: Can I join the server if I’m under 18?
A:Sorry, but for the time being, no you cannot! This server is for individuals who are 18 years of age or older, only because there is a dating component involved and we want to prioritize safety here. Thank you for understanding.

Q: I’ve never used Discord before! Is it difficult?
A: It’s not too bad! We’re all just getting used to it, but once you get used to the interface, it’s pretty self-explanatory. We have a channel where you can post your Discord help questions, though!

Q: Anything else I should be aware of?
A: Yes! We have a Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines channel we need everyone to review before we get started. Thanks in advance for reading through!

OMG we can’t wait let’s hop on!

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  1. It’s been such a lovely and amazing space to be in this weekend. I think some of the energy has come about because we knew it was a limited time experiment, but we’ve also gotten some unofficial spaces that have spun off that have the potential to be amazing communities in and of themselves.

  2. that was a lot of fun! it was so nice to have a bunch of queer folks to be able to chat to at any time! if you don’t want to deal with setting up a permanent server, i think it’d be fun to do this for other holidays, like in addition to open threads. :)

  3. The Discord was so inspiring & heartwarming (tbh it was also overwhelming but that was because I didn’t want to miss out on a weekend-only event). Lovely to be able to chat with AS folks in real time. It was the impetus for me to become an A+ member. Great experience!!

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