S L I C K: The Gambling Countess

Content notes: D/s, bondage, oral sex
Author’s Note: This story deals with intense subject matter, more the psychosexual than the physical. Nevertheless, danger is omnipresent throughout. While I write erotica that involves loving couples, I also write erotica where lines are blurred, danger is real and feelings and intentions are made complicated by the bondage of the narrative. This is one such story. It is a horror story at its core, excerpted from a much longer novel-length work about desire.

Also of note — this story takes place in 1983. In evading anachronism and historical inaccuracies, I have used accurate language to depict its trans characters. I would rather be realistic about the atmosphere of the time period than disingenuously attempt to paint our current societies’ morals into a place in which they did not exist. To do so, I believe, would gloss over just how far we have come and how much further we can go in the future.

Please enjoy the ensuing grotesque at your ...

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June Amelia Rose is an anarchist leatherdyke fiction writer, lifestyle submissive, and proud transsexual living in Brooklyn. Her story "My Sweet Femme Nightmare" was recently published in Best Lesbian Erotica Volume 4. Her novel is awaiting publication. She is currently at work on her next book. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more writing and depravity.

June has written 4 articles for us.