S L I C K: Raincheck Part 2

This week’s S L I C K is curated and edited by Malic White.Content notes: friend sex, masturbation, oral sex

I looked in the mirror.I was wearing a crisp, clean white button up shirt delivered to me from the dry cleaner at Fran’s request. I’d paired it with fitted cigarette pants that showed off my ass. A pair of loafers. Fran really knew how to spoil a girl. They even had my initials monogrammed on the left breast pocket. I felt as if I was playing dress up.

Who, me? Oh, I’m just the last remaining baron at the peak of the revolution. I’m making my case as to how I can service the new proletariat ruling class of big-titted academics on my hands and knees. My palms are bloodied, but my pressed white shirt remains untouched — a uniform to show that I am ready to work. I am ready to please.

I buttoned the top button. My tits just barely warping the pinstripes. My nipples just a whisper.Wise beyond my years. Arrogant. Powerful. The graduate student Naomi goes to for tutori...

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Jasmine Henri is a writer, performer, and teaching artist living in Chicago. She is an ensemlble member of the Neo-Futurists, a founding member of Hot Kitchen Collective, and a company member of PlayMakers Laboratory. Her writing is overwhelmingly about queerness, Blackness, youth and pop culture.

Jasmine has written 2 articles for us.