S L I C K: Cass Auto Repairs

Content notes: finger fucking, nipple play, butch/femme

Noa exited her Uber and paused in front of Cass Auto Repairs, eyes focused on the neon sign with the place’s name above. It was 6:50pm, ten minutes before closing time. Half the shop was shut closed, except for the side entrance. Noa pulled on the hem of the ridiculously short sundress she had slipped on despite the cold night winds. Her jean jacket did very little to keep her warm, but she had chosen the dress because it made her feel sexy, and if she was going to ask out her mechanic, the hottest woman she had ever met, she had to look her best.

She walked with wobbly legs (the platform shoes might have been overkill) through the entrance to the garage. She was greeted with the sight of Cass in her gray coveralls standing over her 1990 Mazda Miata’s popped hood, hands on her narrow hips, her muscular arms straining against the sleeves. The mechanic turned and gave Noa a warm smile. Noa immediately felt a familiar throbbing...

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Lexie Barnes

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