S L I C K: Accept Transformation, Part 2

Content notes: D/s, bondage, vibrators

Connie stood before him, stunned. She’d seen a lot of orgasms in her life and a reasonable amount of BDSM, but no domination so total, no pleasure seized through someone so violently and completely without them ever seeming to break free of it and come back to reality. The thing before her had fallen dormant, slow breaths making its clamped chest rise and fall. Still he didn’t react to any nudge or touch. Looking her friend up and down, Connie could see slightly bruising on his nipples and cunt, the pain of repeated, seemingly unending stimulation marked on his body.

Slowly, Nix’s eyes rolled down and, still looking past her entirely, reoriented to the screen. It locked back onto its purpose. Connie watched with fascination as his pupils swelled up and became lost in the vision again and his mouth fell open once more. He began repeating the mantras again. His arousal returned, nipples stiffening, body automatically, brainlessly pushing again...

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