Playlist: Under Where?


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It’s Underwear Week! If Autostraddle owned an underwear store, it probably wouldn’t play the weirdo Top 40 that plays in Victoria’s Secret. And if I ran it (or Stef, probably even moreso with Stef), it would probably play a lot of Jock Jams.

Here’s the perfect soundtrack to eating cereal in your cotton briefs, straddling a hot girl in your boxers, or really just thinking about panties.

These are songs about underwear.

Playlist: Under Where?


I Wanna Be Your Underwear – Bryan Adams
T-Shirt & Panties – Adina Howard ft. Jamie Foxx
Annie Don’t Wear No Panties – Erykah Badu
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Brian Hyland
Thong Song – Sisqo
Underneath It All – No Doubt
Underneath Your Clothes – Shakira
Underwear – Magnetic Fields
The Panties – Mos Def
Boxers – Morissey
Fresh Pair of Panties On – Snoop Dogg
No Panties – Trina
Change Clothes – Jay-Z

Songs About Underwear from Autostraddle on 8tracks Radio.

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    My Favorite Underwear by Liz Phair and Power of Orange Knickers by Tori Amos maybe too?

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    if your girlfriend is at work for the next several hours and you want her to come home to tons of pickup lines in her ask box courtesy of you, this is the perfect playlist to write those to. just saying

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    i am upset that my ani difranco suggestion didn’t make the cut but i forgive you because this playlist is sexy.

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        cradle & all!

        “f train’s full of high school students / so much shouting / so much laughter / last night’s underwear in my back pocket / sure sign of the morning after”

        it’s subtle but i think it whenever i ride the f train so it is Important To Me 😉

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    I feel like this is relevant. Lyrically, titularly (arf!)
    Barenaked Ladies- Pinch Me
    “I could hide out under there….I just made you say underwear!”

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    Electrelane: On Parade
    Lesbian band singing a song about a woman on a horse containing the lyrics: ‘I bet I’d like your underwear’
    It would be wrong not to mention it.

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