It’s Time To Go Back To The Queer Future!

You wake up to the sound of Lady Gaga playing, your neck cramped from sleeping on the sofa. Your brain feels super foggy, but you’re pretty certain this is not your house. It looks like you’re in a tiny apartment, the kind of cramped space you haven’t seen since you last crashed with a friend in NYC.
Two women with slightly dubious noughties alternative lifestyle haircuts are hunched over some vintage-looking Macbooks, deep in concentration. You peer at what they’re working on, which seems to be some kind of blog with a mild Geocities vibe. How quaint! You do a double-take when you clock that it’s the Autostraddle front-page, but from way back when it first launched!
When Poker Face comes on for the third time in a row, the whole room sta...

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Sally lives in the UK. Her work has been featured in a Korean magazine about queer people and their pets, and a book about haunted prisons. She never intended for any of this to happen.

Sally has written 52 articles for us.