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Our fundraiser goal, for this October, is $138,000. This is what we need to close the gap between the money we can count on coming in and the money we still need after that to run through the end of January 2022. We’re fundraising because we believe that this queer space must exist in the future, for all of us. We’re fundraising so that we can do this work ethically, and so we can bring you the high quality writing you deserve. We’re fundraising because we know what this space means to you and to so many people, including the people who’ve written in over the years and over this year to tell us that Autotraddle has saved their lives. And we are fundraising because for the first time in almost two years, we have more hope than ever about our ability — in terms of finances, capacity and vision — to build queer futures, together, with you and this community. We’re independent of wealthy corporate owners or a parent company, and that means that we follow our own Gay Agenda, and that agenda is about looking out for you, our readers. Will you join the thousands of other gays, queers and allies who support Autostraddle?

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