Daily Fix: Naked Ladies! Gay Elephants! Gym Takeovers!

Today on Autostraddle! Interview with the world-famous rising starlette celesbian Haviland Stillwell, regarding her upcoming one-woman show at Los Angeles’s Upright Cabaret. And our latest ‘girl-on-gallery’ – Hot girls in Menswear. AND! Later this afternoon you can look foward to the now totally regular we promise TELEVISIONARY TUESDAY with DJ Carlytron, who I heard has all the superpowers of Peter Petrelli and Liz Lemon combined.

New project in the works on Bravo for Workout’s smokin’ hot ladykiller lesbian Jackie Warner. It will be called “Jackie’s Gym Takeover,” and she’ll be taking over gyms a la “Tabitha’s Salon Takeover,” but I’ve seen a few sexy films in my day and can say with 95% confidence this show will involve turning a bunch of pretty ladies into lesbians, distributing toaster ovens and/or ipod shuffles all around, fixing the squeaky elliptical trainer, fucking the attitude out of the front desk lady, etc. (@THR)

Lindsay Lohan’s E-Harmony Profile!: She’s clearly totally our type. Also, love how blasè she is about her bisexuality here — like it’s SO not the focus, I barely even noticed it the first or second time I watched it. Hot!

UPDATE: A hacker takes credit for the Amazon Gay Book Glitch (@pc world) or um? … UPDATE: Amazon apologises for “ham-fisted error that made gay books disappear” (@guardian uk) UPDATE: Amazon has fixed the glich. (@seattle times) Everyone go read Annie on my Mind right now!

Meghan McCain tells the GOP to “Go Gay.” I can’t seem to get into her. (@the daily beast)

“A zoo in Poland housing a non-breeding elephant is being criticized by a local politician who says that the money spent towards the conservation project wasn’t meant for gay elephants. Well that rainbow clad elephant statue in the background begs to differ.” [-Intern Vashti] (@scientific american)

Is Martina Navratilova the Conniving Ex? Or is it her former lover? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say “both.” (@queerty)

Texas Christian University nixes the plan to set up LGBT housing next year. (@AP Texas News)

Time for a your yearly Allure Naked Issue. Past years have included Erin Daniels, this year we’ve got Padma Lakshmi, Eliza Dushku and Chelsea Handler. (@afterellen)

If Churches keep hating on gays they’re gonna see church attendance drop … oh wait. They already have. (@pamshouseblend)

I love the way I make you forget (@achtung baby) [photo sarah hermans via @achtung baby]

ZOMG! Spring Awakening is going to be a MOVIEEEE!!! (@the hollywood review)

crystal-iconfrom Crystal: I discovered this mockumentary about a new social network named Flutter, which takes microblogging to the next (ridiculous) level. [Thanks to Clever By Nature]


carly-icon2from Carly: I can’t say enough good things about illustrator Christoph Niemann’s Abstract City Blog at the New York Times. He was responsible for the I LEGO NY link that got sent around on lots of Facebook pages a few months ago, but he has also contemplated his life with cables and pixelated his bathroom.

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  1. Meep! There is a typo in the gaylephant description STARING me in the face and JUDGING me SO HARD right now. I need to start reading my emails before I send them to you.

    Also: lolz at LiLo’s vid; lovin’ Christoph Niemann’s work [pretty sure I’ve seen the bathroom on before via StumbleUpon]; already saw the Flutter vid but it still tickles my funny bone.

  2. So much to comment on that I had to come back…

    The McCain piece was very well written. It also scares the shit out of me because if republicans start getting all accepting and inclusive, they will be able to take over this country politically. I like it when the conservative right wing nuts are in charge – I find it oddly comforting.

    • I know that’s exactly what I was worried about with her Dad, and then he so gloriously blew it! It makes me super nervous too. Obvs the Republican problem is their complete alignment with the religious right. Although I’d prefer for the conservative Christians to maybe just try to find somewhere else to practice their demented form of religion, which’s what they’ll have to do if they’ve got no one left in DC. Ha! Then they’ll be like us ten years ago.

  3. Haha.
    I too haven’t payed much attention to Lindsay, but I have to agree that the add is genius.
    It’s nice to see someone be okay with themselves and be able to laugh about it.

    The flutter vid was also pretty funny.

  4. Lindsay Lohan has just captured my heart. Obvs if I were on eHarmony I would be looking up her number. Maybe I can just tweet some pick up lines at her that involve my acceptance of probation and/or being her designated driver? Haha.

  5. My autostraddle friends,

    It is only from a place of love and affection that I must tell you: nonplussed is one word (no hypen), and more importantly, um, it means pretty much the opposite of how you used it.

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