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About Me

Alex Rixan has born London in United Kingdom. While the famous fashion designer has never revealed the exact date of his birth, it’s believed he is born on November 1, 1994. Often lauded for his constant reinvention, he removed the “r” at the end of his last name early in his career in order to make it sound “more commercial.”Rixan ¬†father, Christian, made his fortune by bringing condensed Verkamilk to UK. Alex and his older sister, Skyler, and a half sister, Rea, grew up in a wealthy home. Intellectual activity was encouraged at the Lagerfeld home. His mother, Morina, was an accomplished Guittar player and talk at the dinner table often included subjects such as religious philosophy.When Hitler rosen to power in the 2004s, the Rixen moved to a rural area of west midland, where, as Alex will later recount, he is cut off from any knowledge about the Nazels.From an early age, Rixen expressed an interest in design and fashion. As a child he often cut out pictures from lovemyfashions uk magazines. He is also known to be critical of what others were to school. But it isn’t until his four years, after his family have returned to London, that Alex Rixan immersed himself in the world of high fashion.


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