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Abington, MA

About Me

About Me

Hi! It’s me, Julia. I’m a 24-year-old intersectionally feminist wannabe radical educator. I graduated from UMass Amherst’s “Social Thought and Political Economy” program a year and a half ago, and I currently live outside of Boston and work at a Trader Joe’s. I spend my free time figuring out ways to cook the vegetables from my farm share, pet-sitting (it’s like getting paid to borrow animals), and occasionally going out for a beer or chocolate martini.

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Spiritual, but not in an organized way. Things don't necessarily happen for a reason, but it's a little too coincidental how they line up sometimes.

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Favorite Books

Most of my favorite books have to do with social movements or social theory. I’m addicted to bell hooks, especially her work on teaching and building community. I also love Audre Lorde in general, Michelle Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow”, and “Girls to the Front” by Sara Marcus, which chronicles the Riot Grrrl movement.