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About Me

Photographer / Writer / Drummer -> (IG @ Vagablogging) My time in this world is spent traveling all around to photograph musicians (mainly queer ones), female-fronted/identifying/bodied or focused events and general travel excursions to places all over.  I shoot & write based on topics of my own interest aka LGBTQ+ culture.  I take part in contribution for Tom Tom Magazine, a magazine, digital platform and community that features female/female identifying musicians. In NYC you’ll usually find me at a show or behind a drumkit for the all female queer band Tiides. When I’m not there, I’m out and about; aiming to highlight my queer community in any way possible. Vagablogging is not only my Instagram handle, it’s my way of life.

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The Alchemist, The Harry Potters (obviously), Le Petit Prince, cookbooks, gardening books, Simon & Garfunkel biography