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About Me

About Me

babyqueer. hates starting sentences with i. likes making lists. wishes unicorn was a gender identity option.

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Queer, "Label-Free", Femme



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What I Like

Favorite Books

love is a mixtape, our band could be your life, the little prince, memoirs of a geisha, the curious incident of the dog in the night time, perfect from now on, personal days, namedropper, girl goddess#9, the alchemist, cat’s cradle

Favorite Queer Books

i should read more queer books. uh, i liked rose of no man’s land, though.

Favorite Movies

contempt, my sassy girl, amelie, in july, but i’m a cheerleader, heaven can wait, alphaville, pulp fiction, breakfast at tiffany’s, lost in translation, zoolander, jawbreaker, romy and michelle’s high school reunion, the producers, vicky cristina barcelona, pleasantville, amelie

Favorite Documentaries

not really into documentaries. :/

Favorite TV Shows

30 rock, gcb, archer, 2 broke girls, awkward, community, entourage, that 70’s show, mission hill, flight of the conchords, fresh prince, it’s always sunny in philadelphia, seinfeld, daria, popular

Favorite Music

the fall, sun city girls, mission of burma, black flag, suicide, gang of four, cat power, x-ray spex, best coast, minor threat, flipper, tiga, sonic youth, yeah yeah yeahs, girl talk, be your own pet, chrome, underworld, ladytron, sleater-kinney, nicki minaj, nina simone, ella fitzgerald, france gall, wire, shellac, future of the left, pixies, love and rockets, delta 5, esg, soulwax, beat happening, talulah gosh, ratatat, mclusky, queen, the sonics, aesop rock, sparks, chicks on speed, the shangri-las, htrk, thee oh sees, le shok, the b52’s, pavement, m.i.a, amanda blank, last lights, AND WAY TOO MANY OTHERS I AM SUCH A MUSIC GEEK DEAL WITH IT

Favorite Sandwich

cheese and tomato panini, but i like pretty much all sandwiches that don't include bacon

Favorite Thing to Autostraddle

your MOM (sorry)

Favorite Quotes

“life is lived forwards and understood backwards”- soren kirkegaard

Favorite Thing on

most things written by riese and katrina <3, your clever remarks, femme hot 100

Favorite Writers

kurt vonnegut, paolo coelho, maureen johnson, sophia kinsella, louise rennison, oscar wilde, emma forrest, francesca lia block