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About Me

About Me

[preferred pronouns are she/her!]
Hello! My name is Gabriela and I am a crabby baby. I’m a 20 year old transfem lesbian who loves life and all it has to give! I’m really nice and friendly, or at least I try to be when I’m not being cranky. I’m also incredibly shy for a first conversation but every other time I’m a huge chatterbox, so don’t let me first impression fool you I love you girls I promise. ;;

I’m also a huge nerd, my love for Computer Science and videogames knows no bounds. If you ever need some simple program in C++, ask and ye shall receive! I’m a huge fan of Pokemon, Zelda, Harvest Moon and generally anything Nintendo but I’ll play just about anything as long as it’s good.

So yeah! Send me a message and let’s be friends. vuv Brownie points if you live in Puerto Rico bc I need more queer friends irl. ;;

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Lesbian, Queer, Trans*, Trans Woman, Transgender, Femme



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Favorite Books

Anything involving detectives, anything thriler (that isn’t ableist!!!!) and any and all Computer Science related books. I’ll read just about anything though.