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About Me

I am a girl. I live in Fairmount with my girlfriend Danielle and good friend, Quynh. I like things. I especially like shiny things or things that sparkle. I am easily amused, hence liking things that are shiny or sparkly. I enjoy outside. If I don’t go outside all day I feel crazy. I work at Whole Foods and it makes me happy. I love my friends. I love my family. I love my girlfriend. I love the way the sun feels on my eyelids and how if I close my eyes it feels like I’m immersed in a red glowing light. I like art and music that makes me wanna move. I like things that move me. I also like to move things, keep them interesting. I want to travel. more. I am going to New Zealand with my girlfriend next year. They have 4″ blue fairy penguins in New Zealand. I die a little every time I think about them… especially wearing tiny sweaters. There was an oil spill down there and people are knitting them sweaters to help them keep warm. Dead. again. I’m highly interested in the way people live. I love other cultures, African, Asian, Native American… I am in love with their music and dance, styles, rituals and beliefs and would love to travel around enough to experience them all. I believe people are beautiful in all forms. It would be amazing to be able to capture what I experience by means of photography but I usually get so wrapped up in the moments I forget to take pictures.

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Queer, Femme


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Queer Friends in my Area, Queer Friends on the Internet

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In a Relationship, Domestically Partnered