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Atlanta, GA

About Me

About Me

I like tea, my cat, cameras, and other things that are good.

Check All That Apply

Bisexual, Queer, Pansexual, Sexually Fluid, "Label-Free"




Looking For

Queer Friends in my Area, Queer Friends on the Internet, Queer Friends to Make Out With, A Girlfriend

Relationship Status


Are You Out To Your....


What I Like

Favorite Books

Akata witch. Candide. Slice of Cherry. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Harry Potter. Rat Bohemia. Annie On My Mind. Paper Towns. The Graveyard Book. Sherlock Holmes. The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Life of Pi. The Bird Artist.

Favorite Queer Books

Rat Bohemia. Annie On My Mind.

Favorite Movies

Third Star. Pirate Radio. Mirror Mask. Christopher And His Kind. The Apartment. V for Vendetta. An Education. It Happened One Night. Vivre Sa Vie. Circumstance. Pulp Fiction. Young and Wild. Dead Man. The Fall. Safety Not Guaranteed. Daydream Nation. Detachment.

Favorite Documentaries

Van Gogh: Painted With Words.

Favorite TV Shows

Black Books. Lip Service. Sherlock. Doctor Who. Archer. Adventure Time. True Love. Skins (UK). Bomb Girls.

Favorite Music

Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The xx. Meg & Dia. Nneka. InWhite. Florence And The Machine. The Like. Elizaveta. Emily Wells. Kate Nash. Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra.

Favorite Sandwich

Avocado and tomato. Peanut butter and jam.

Favorite Thing to Autostraddle

sdfljgalskjfgfdl can't choose.

Favorite Quotes

โ€œMind you, sometimes the angels smoke, hiding it with their sleeves, and when the archangel comes, they throw the cigarettes away: thatโ€™s when you get shooting stars.โ€
~Vladimir Nabokov
You get what anyone gets. You get a Lifetime; nothing more, nothing less.

Favorite Thing on

The books, cooking, and DIY.

Favorite Writers

Dia Reeves. Nnedi Okorafor. Patrick Rothfus. Sarah Schulman. John Green. Neil Gaiman.